Festival name: San Trifone Festival
Date: Around November 10
Town: Adelphia
Province: Bari
Region: Apulia
Food: Gnomeriedde
About the event: During this event, the largest firework competition organized during the celebration of a patron saint in Italy is held. Also included in this event is the festival of "gnomeriedde," lamb liver, lung and spleen roulades tied up with bowels, flavored with parsley and grilled.
For more info: Call the Bari Tourism Department at (+39) 080-5404882

Festival name: Festival of Caciocavallo
Date: Early August
Town: Monteleone di Puglia
Province: Foggia
Region: Apulia
Food: Caciocavallo
About the event: Caciocavallo is a type of cheese produced with whole cow milk. This yearly festival is a chance for residents and visitors alike to taste this delicacy.

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