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Discover the Best Olive Oil Clubs of 2024

Olive oil enthusiasts, joining an olive oil club provides you with a regular supply of top-quality olive oils and exclusive access to limited editions, discounts, and educational resources to help you become a true connoisseur.

In this blog post, we will explore the best olive oil clubs, the benefits of being a member, and how to choose the right club for you. We’ll also dive into some thoughtful gift ideas for the olive oil lovers in your life.

Key Takeaways

  • We tested quite a few different subscriptions but loved Olive Oil Lovers Club a lot (for a wide variety of choices, including some of the finest Italian olive oils from small, family-owned producers).

  • We discuss quality assurance, discounts & exclusive access, plus educational resources to let you become a more knowledgeable enthusiast.

  • We talk about gifts with personalized subscriptions or ideas like ‘adopting an Olive Tree’ Program!

Best Olive Oil Clubs for 2024

The world of olive oil is vast and exciting, with countless flavors and varieties to explore.

To help you find the perfect club to embark on this culinary adventure, we have curated a list of the best olive oil clubs of 2024, offering top-quality oils, exclusive access, and educational materials for members.

From our experience, each club offers something unique, from rare and limited-edition oils to monthly subscription boxes filled.

Olive Oil Lovers Subscription Club

Olive Oil Lovers Club – Our Top Recommendation

Olive Oil Lovers Club is a haven for those who appreciate the finest and most authentic extra virgin olive oils. Sourcing their oils from renowned producers worldwide, they offer various high-quality olive oils from regions like Italy, Spain, and Greece.

With flexible subscription options, you can explore the Italian olive oil landscape or venture into other olive oils from the Northern Hemisphere.

Each month, you’ll receive a handpicked selection of three bottles, each offering a unique flavor profile.

Your taste buds will dance with delight as you experience the vibrant flavors bottled straight from the world’s best olive groves.

And, with subscriptions starting at $32 per bottle, it’s an affordable way to indulge in premium olive oils, delivered with free shipping.

Fresh-pressed olive oil club website

Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Club

The Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Club is the perfect match for those who value artisanal craftsmanship and farm-to-table freshness.

This club provides cold-pressed extra virgin olive oils shipped directly from the farm, ensuring you receive the freshest olive oil possible.

Each quarterly delivery comes with a detailed pressing report from the olive press so you can learn about the oil’s origin, production process, and tasting notes.

With enrollment options starting at a reasonable price, you can enjoy the unique flavors and health benefits of fresh olive oil throughout the year.

From the early summer harvest to the early winter and late winter pressings, your kitchen will be stocked with a diverse array of delicious olive oils, perfect for salads, salad dressing, and dipping.

Grove and Vine Olive Oil Club

Grove and Vine Olive Oil Subscription

Immerse yourself in limited custom extra virgin olive oils with the Grove and Vine Olive Oil Subscription. This club offers annual memberships, giving you exclusive access to:

  • Premium, custom-blended olive oils crafted by their co-founder, Nicholas Coleman

  • Exceptional oils sourced from around the world

  • A variety of flavors and terroirs

As an annual member, you’ll receive:

  • Four shipments of 375-milliliter bottles throughout the year

  • Tasting notes

  • Harvest information

  • A signed original photograph of the olive cultivars’ place of growth

With prices around $195 per year, Grove and Vine is an excellent choice for those seeking a unique and exclusive olive oil experience.

Fat Gold Olive Oil Subscription

Fat Gold Single Variety Olive Oil Club

The Fat Gold Single Variety Olive Oil Club offers a unique approach to olive oil subscriptions, delivering distinct olive variety oils in quarterly shipments.

Sourced from California, their extra virgin olive oils are carefully selected for their quality and flavor. As a member, you’ll receive decorative tins filled with high-quality oil, informative booklets and keepsake magnets.

Starting at $169 per year, the Fat Gold Single Variety Olive Oil Club is an excellent gift for the olive oil enthusiast in your life.

With its focus on unique single variety oils and beautiful packaging, this club provides a one-of-a-kind olive oil experience that is both educational and enjoyable.

The Benefits of Joining an Olive Oil Club

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Joining an olive oil club has many advantages that will elevate your culinary experience and deepen your appreciation for the world of olive oil.

This section elaborates on the perks of membership, including quality assurance, discounts, exclusive access, and educational resources.

Quality Assurance

As an olive oil club member, you can trust that you’ll receive only the finest and most authentic olive oils. These clubs source their oils from reputable producers, ensuring that every bottle you receive is of the highest quality.

Additionally, many clubs (and all we have listed above) focus on providing fresh-pressed olive oil, which allows you to enjoy the vibrant taste and health benefits of the oil at its peak.

Membership in a club helps circumvent the issues associated with buying lower-quality oils commonly found in supermarkets.

These oils may have been exposed to poor storage conditions, damaged olives, or mixed with cheaper oils. In contrast, olive oil club shipments guarantee you get the best olive oil, crafted with care and expertise.

Discounts and Exclusive Access

Club membership entitles you to:

  • Discounts on further purchases

  • Amassing your preferred oils without straining your budget

  • Saving on subscription fees, gift purchases, and shipping costs

Club membership often grants you exclusive access to limited-edition oils and events. This means you’ll have the opportunity to taste and learn about rare olive oils that may not be available to the general public, giving you a unique and exciting experience.

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Educational Resources

Olive oil clubs provide a wealth of educational resources that allow you to dive deeper into olive oil. These resources may include tasting notes, pairing suggestions, and information on the oil’s origin and production process.

By learning about the unique characteristics of each oil, you’ll be able to appreciate and enjoy their flavors even more.

These educational resources will help you become a more discerning olive oil enthusiast and inspire you to experiment with new dishes and cooking techniques.

With the knowledge gained from your club membership, you can impress your friends and family with your expertise in the world of olive oil.

How to Choose the Right Olive Oil Club for You

Given the variety of excellent clubs available, it’s vital to identify the one that aligns best with your tastes and requirements.

This section offers guidance on choosing the ideal club by examining your taste preferences, budget considerations, and the club’s commitment to sustainability.

Assess Your Taste Preferences

One of the first steps in choosing the right olive oil club is determining your preferred flavors, regions, and varieties.

Do you enjoy the fruity, peppery taste of extra virgin olive oil, or the milder flavor of virgin olive oil? Are you drawn to the robust flavors of Italian olive oils, or do you prefer the nuanced notes of oils from other regions? Finally, would you prefer filtered vs unfiltered olive oil?

Understanding your taste preferences will help you find a club that caters to your palate, ensuring that you’ll be excited to explore the world of olive oil with every shipment.


Consider Your Budget

Budget considerations should be a key factor when selecting an olive oil club. Remember that subscription costs can vary, ranging from $25 to $70 monthly or $180 to $540 annually.

Keep in mind any discounts and extra perks offered by different clubs, as these can help you save on subscription fees, shipping costs, and gift purchases.

Evaluate the Club’s Sustainability Practices

Finally, take the time to evaluate the sustainability practices of each club. Look for clubs committed to organic farming, eco-friendly packaging, and carbon-neutral shipping.

Opting for a club focusing on sustainability allows you to savor top-notch olive oil and simultaneously endorse eco-friendly practices.

Gift Ideas: Olive Oil Clubs as Presents

For the culinary explorers and olive oil aficionados in your life, olive oil clubs can be exceptional gifts. Gift options like personalized subscriptions and olive tree adoption programs make for presents that continue to delight throughout the year.

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Personalized Gift Subscriptions

A customized gift subscription lets you select the duration and kind of olive oil subscription that best suits your recipient’s tastes and interests. Many clubs offer customizable options, making it easy to create a thoughtful and unique present that your recipient will cherish.

With a gift subscription, your loved one will enjoy regular shipments of high-quality olive oil, educational materials and, in some cases, exclusive access to limited-edition oils. It’s a gift that will delight their taste buds and expand their culinary horizons.

Adopt an Olive Tree Programs

Programs that allow you to adopt an olive tree provide a more engaging and personal gift experience.

By adopting an olive tree in your recipient’s name, they will receive olive oil from their very own tree, along with updates on the tree’s progress and information about the cultivation process.

In addition to the delicious olive oil their adopted tree produces, recipients will also receive an adoption certificate, making this a truly memorable and unique gift. It’s a perfect present for the olive oil lover who appreciates the connection between the earth and their kitchen.


In conclusion, the world of olive oil clubs offers a diverse and exciting array of options for enthusiasts and those new to the world of olive oil.

By joining a club, you can enjoy the benefits of quality assurance, discounts, exclusive access, and educational resources while exploring the rich flavors and unique characteristics of the finest olive oils.

Whether you’re looking for a club to satisfy your culinary curiosity or seeking the perfect gift for a loved one, the journey to discovering the best olive oil club awaits. So, go ahead and indulge your senses in the exquisite world of olive oil.

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