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DVD: Pizza Pie, That's Amore!

What's cooking on DVD?
Now you can watch episodes from The Italian Cooking & Living TV Show whenever you get the craving! Hosted by editor-in-chief of Italian Cooking & Living Magazine, Paolo Villoresi, these classic episodes take viewers on a personal tour through Italy in search of the nation's best finds and flavors. Each half-hour DVD explores the history, art, sights, and specialty cuisine of various destinations around the country, and includes a booklet with 2 or more recipes featured in that particular show.

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Pizza Pie, That's Amore!

Join Paolo as he learns how buffalo mozzarella is made, tours Torre del Greco, Italy's coral-carving capital, and makes a final stop at the University of Pizza, Pizza al Metro, in Vico Equense.

Caseificio Russo in Caserta Paolo goes to see how buffalo mozzarella is made at the Caseificio Russo in Caserta, near Naples. The proprietor, Umberto Russo, gives him the full tour.

Naples Subterranea The fresh buffalo milk is separated into curds and whey by adding an acid, such as rennet or lemon juice.

mozzarella It is then mixed with hot water and stirred into a homogenous mass. Here, they are shaping the balls of mozzarella.

Buffalos The Russo buffalo farm has 1000 buffaloes. Each buffalo gives about 2 gallons of milk per day.

Caprese Salad Chef Vincenzo of the Hermitage hotel shows us how to make a simple Caprese salad.

Il principe Restaurant These fishermen are busy making traps for octopus and other delicious seafood. They sew the plastic mesh together using nylon twine.

The Private Museum of Basilio LiverinoPaolo visits Torre del Greco, Italy's cora-carving capital. He sees the private museum of Basilio Liverino, which contains priceless coral jewelry and sculptures.

The Private Museum of Basilio Liverino Cameo carving also flourished in Torre del Greco. Cameos are made from the outside of giant shells fished off the coast of Madagascar. Present day artisans continue the tradition, making them into brooches, earrings or necklaces.

Pizza al metro Finally, Paolo matriculates at the University of Pizza, Pizza al Metro, in Vico Equense. Here, one orders pizza by length-a meter for four people, or a meter and a half for a hungry group of 5

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