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DVD: Puccini and Verdi's Italy: Food & Opera

What's cooking on DVD?
Now you can watch episodes from The Italian Cooking & Living TV Show whenever you get the craving! Hosted by editor-in-chief of Italian Cooking & Living Magazine, Paolo Villoresi, these classic episodes take viewers on a personal tour through Italy in search of the nation's best finds and flavors. Each half-hour DVD explores the history, art, sights, and specialty cuisine of various destinations around the country, and includes a booklet with 2 or more recipes featured in that particular show.

For samples of the Italian Cooking & Living TV Show, click here.

Puccini and Verdi's Italy: Food & Opera

Discover the Italy of two of the country's most legendary opera composers-this mellifluous journey will be music to your eyes, ears, and your palate!

Lake Bolsena Paolo takes us to the hometowns of Puccini and Verdi, where we'll learn about each of these great Italian opera composers.

coregone Torre del Lago, Puccini's hometown is famous for its peaceful lake, and the annual summer Puccini Festival it hosts.

Bolsena fish soup Watch the house chef of Puccini Ristorante cook the composer's favorite dish, Duck Breast in a Demiglace Sauce.

Etruscan RuinsAt the Torre del Lago Puccini, get a sneak peek of a rehearsal for Madame Butterfly. Singers and extras perform in beautiful costumes while the orchestra plays some of Puccini's most memorable arias.

etruscan artifact On to Italy's other great composer: Verdi. Sit in on a rehearsal at the Teatro Regio of Parma, and listen to the orchestra practice one of his greatest pieces.

Basilca of Santa Cristina See the multi-step process of preparing homemade Anolini in Broth, a typical local dish.

Zucchini Blossoms Finally, visit a farm where culatello, a special type of prosciutto and one of Verdi's favorite indulgences, is cured.

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