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Florence: from a to z
Florence: from a to z
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DVD: Italy - Country of Wine & Olive Oil

What's cooking on DVD?
Now you can watch episodes from The Italian Cooking & Living TV Show whenever you get the craving! Hosted by editor-in-chief of Italian Cooking & Living Magazine, Paolo Villoresi, these classic episodes take viewers on a personal tour through Italy in search of the nation's best finds and flavors. Each half-hour DVD explores the history, art, sights, and specialty cuisine of various destinations around the country, and includes a booklet with 2 or more recipes featured in that particular show.

For samples of the Italian Cooking & Living TV Show, click here.

Italy - Country of Wine & Olive Oil

From the Lungarotti Olive Oil Museum in Torgiano to the classic Castellare vineyard in Chianti, this episode explores the illustrious olive groves, vineyards, and wineries of Umbria, Florence, and San Gimignano.

olive groveDiscover the olive groves, vineyards and wineries of Umbria, Florence, and San Gimignano.

Olive oil Museum Visit the Lungarotti Olive Oil Museum in Torgiano, Umbria, where traditional presses and water-powered mills tell the story of olive oil production as it was done in the 1800's.

cheese One of the museum's oldest pieces, a small Etruscan vase from the 5th century BC which was used to hold perfume and cream, tells the Greek myth of the origin of the olive branch.

olive grove The Lungarotti vineyard and olive grove is designed according to ancient traditions: alternating rows of olives and grapes.

At the Lungarotti winery, it takes nearly four years to ferment and process one bottle of spumante.

Watch chef Gianni Giacani of Santa Lucia Restaurant in Jesi (a town in the Marches) prepare Steamed Seafood with Celery Sauce and Tomato Coulis using his own fruit-infused olive oils.

Ferdinando and Anna Maria Guicciardini give a tour of their Castello di Poppiano near Florence, where they produce three different types of olive oil.

At the Castellare vineyard in Castellina in Chianti a Chianti Classico and a1997 I Sodi di San Nicolo are both made according to organic philosophy - no pesticides or herbicides are ever used!

Watch chef Rossano Giannini of La Lanterna Tuscan Bistro in Nyack, NY prepare Polenta with Porcini Mushroom Ragł. Watch the video clip.

Finally, visit the Teruzzi & Puthod Vineyard in San Gimignano, where over a million bottles of Vernaccia are produced annually.

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