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DVD: Under the Tuscan Sky

What's cooking on DVD?
Now you can watch episodes from The Italian Cooking & Living TV Show whenever you get the craving! Hosted by editor-in-chief of Italian Cooking & Living Magazine, Paolo Villoresi, these classic episodes take viewers on a personal tour through Italy in search of the nation's best finds and flavors. Each half-hour DVD explores the history, art, sights, and specialty cuisine of various destinations around the country, and includes a booklet with 2 or more recipes featured in that particular show.

For samples of the Italian Cooking & Living TV Show, click here.

Under the Tuscan Sky

Learn what makes Tuscany tick as you journey through historic olive groves, past jousting matches, inside Pecorino factories, and opposite famous chefs, who demonstrate how to create a taste of Tuscany in your very own home.

We start off our tour of Tuscany with a visit to Villa Campestri in the Mugello area. Paolo Pasquali manufactures Olio Extravergine di Oliva Toscano IGP here, the site of one of Italy's first olive oil makers.

Learn how to cook marrone, a type of chestnut that makes a somewhat softer and more flavorful paste than normal chestnuts.

Next, journey with Paolo to Palazzuolo sul Senio to see jousting by two masters of medieval battle arts.

olive grove In Scarperia, near Florence, we get to visit Palazzo del Vicari, a museum of cutting instruments.

Vicchio nel Mugello is home to a cooperative cheesemaking plant, one of the biggest producers of DOP-certified cheeses in Tuscany

In Ponte a Moriano, we visit Ristorante La Mora, one of the most famous restaurants in all of Lucca.

Villa Vignamaggio is another olive oil manufacturer in the heart of the Chianti region.

Next we visit a manufacturer of salami, prosciutto, and other meats, made from a special breed of Tuscan pig that has been developed over hundreds of years. In fact, this prosciutto manufacturer has been around since 1712!

Sheep's milk cheese, or pecorino, is manufactured in here, right where the sheep are raised.

Our last stop is in Quarrata, where Prosciutto Toscana DOP is manufactured.

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