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Olea Europaea Relaxing Bath Oil

Rich in natural extracts of Chamomile and Linden, it dissolves in the water and leaves the skin soft and gently scented. Excellent for relaxing baths and skin applications after baths.

Available in 125ml or 250ml. Please select a size below.

About Lorenzo Villoresi Firenze Body Care Products:

“A good cook, like a good perfumer, doesn't like to talk as he works: he is too absorbed in the vision of his creation...” There is an element of cooking in perfumery according to Lorenzo Villoresi. In fact, many ingredients used in cooking are used in perfumery—cloves, saffron, basil, anise, fennel seeds and even olive oil.

Olea Europaea is Lorenzo's collection of luxury bath and body products based on fresh, fruity olive oil. Since ancient times, olive oil has been used to nourish, soothe and enrich the skin, and was even used by Greek athletes as a massage oil before, after and during the Olympic games. Lorenzo has carefully extracted aromas from the finest oils and combined them with grass, leaves, herbs and spices, creating products that leave the skin feeling invigorated and soothed with the inimitable scent of the Mediterranean.

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