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The Italian Culinary Institute
Italian Culinary Institute (ICI) is a unique institution dedicated to the education and promotion of Italian cuisine and culture in the United States. The Institute comprises two epicurean magazines, five national gastronomic clubs, a renowned culinary center in New York City, a television show, and much more.

Italian Culinary Center
The Italian Culinary Center is the only center exclusively dedicated to Italian culinary arts in the United States. The center offers cooking classes, chef demonstrations, tastings and seminars featuring specialty foods, regional dishes, olive oils, and wines of Italy.

Food and Wine Clubs
ICI is also the home of a number of successful country-wide epicurean clubs: The Italian Olive Oil Club, made specifically for those who enjoy the finest imported olive oils, the Wine of the Month Club, the Italian Cheese Club, the Italian Gourmet Club and the Italian Table Club -- two clubs for food lovers counting more than 2,000 members nationwide.

Gastronomic Tours of Italy ICI organizes periodic enological and gastronomic tours of Italy so Italian food lovers can experience the culinary wonders of the country first-hand.

Italian Cooking & Living TV Show ICI President Paolo Villoresi is the host of a 30-minute TV show that focuses on Italian regional products, recipes, and lifestyle. The show is aired in five main metropolitan areas of the U.S.

italian cooking and living magazine
The Magazine of La Cucina Italiana