Famous italian cookies and their names with pictures

26 Famous Italian Cookies – Their Names With Pictures

Have you ever wondered what makes Italian cookies so famous and irresistible?

In this comprehensive article, I’ll delve deep into the essence of these renowned confections. In the following sections, I will:

Crispy Italian cookies by Mulino Blanco
Crispy cookies by Mulino Blanco

Selected Highlights of Famous Italian Cookies

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Cookie NameRegion of OriginKey IngredientsFlavor ProfileBest Enjoyed WithIdeal Occasion
CantucciTuscanyAlmonds, FlourCrunchy, NuttyCoffee, Dessert WinesSnacking, Celebrations
AmarettiLombardyAlmond Paste, SugarSweet, SoftTea, CoffeeDesserts, Everyday
RicciarelliTuscanyAlmond Flour, SugarSoft, ChewySweet Wine, CoffeeChristmas, Teatime
PignoliSicilyPine Nuts, Almond PasteSoft, NuttyCoffee, TeaEveryday, Snacking
Baci di DamaPiedmontHazelnuts, ChocolateSweet, ButteryCoffee, TeaSpecial Occasions
PanforteSienaNuts, Dried Fruit, SpicesChewy, SpicedDessert Wines, EspressoHolidays, Celebrations
PanpepatoFerraraCocoa, Spices, Candied FruitRich, SpicedWine, EspressoChristmas, Winter
My selection of Italy’s standout cookies, chosen for their exceptional flavors and cultural significance.

Traditional and Classic Italian Cookie Names

The most famous Italian cookie names
All those delicious cookies…yummy!

Let’s pause to acknowledge the most famous Italian cookies that have been pleasing palates for centuries. From the twice-baked almond Cantucci to the soft and chewy Ricciarelli, these classic Italian cookies showcase the rich history and diverse flavors of Italian baking.

Cantucci – Biscotti Bliss

Cantucci, also known as biscotti, are delicious twice-baked almond cookies hailing from Tuscany. With their origin tracing back to the 16th-century city of Prato, these delightful treats have stood the test of time.

Cantuccini, a mini version of Cantucci, are just as tasty and ideal for dipping into a dessert wine like Vin Santo or a hot cup of coffee.

For a genuine Cantuccini adventure, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Biscottificio Antonio Mattei in Prato or Florence, famous for their delightful selections.

Cantuccini by Sapori
Cantuccini – those are made by Sapori

Amaretti – Almond Wishes

Amaretti cookies are a celebrated Italian classic known for their unique crunchy exterior and soft, almond-rich center.

Often flavored with amaretto or almond extract, they offer a delightful taste experience. Amaretti di Saronno cookies come with an enchanting legend:

  1. Roll the cookie’s wrapper.
  2. Place it on a saucer.
  3. Light it on fire.
  4. If the wrapper rises, a wish will come true.

Dating back to the Middle Ages, these cookies have gained worldwide popularity. For an authentic taste, D. Lazzaroni & C. Antica Pasteria in Milan is a must-visit destination.

Amaretti cookies
Amaretti cookies pair wonderfully with almost all Italian coffee types!

Ricciarelli – Gluten-Free Almond Indulgence

Ricciarelli, hailing from Siena, are elegant, oval-shaped almond cookies with a rich history dating back to the 14th century. These gluten-free treats offer a sweet and nutty flavor, making them ideal for various occasions:

  • Christmas festivities
  • Afternoon tea
  • Gifting
  • Pairing with coffee

Their distinct taste arises from a blend of bitter and sweet almond paste, sugar, egg whites, and a touch of orange zest. This combination sets them apart from other Italian almond cookies.

Savoiardi (Ladyfingers)

Savoiardi, better known as Ladyfingers, are light and airy cookies originating from Piedmont. These delicate treats date back to the late 15th century at the court of the Dutch of Savoy.

Savoiardi are commonly used in classic Italian desserts like tiramisu, where their sponge-like texture perfectly soaks up flavors and adds a delightful crunch to the dish.

I especially like Savoiardi from Matilde Vicenzi (pictured below). Matilde Vicenzi is amongst the best Italian cookie brands, in my opinion. They’re crispy, always fresh, and come smartly packed (to preserve their freshness).

Savoiardi (ladyfingers by-Matilde Vicenzi
Savoiardi by Matilde Vicenzi

Pizzelle – Abruzzo’s Ancient Art

Pizzelle, ancient flat cookies from Abruzzo, are a charming mix of anise seed or vanilla tastes and complex designs cooked in cast iron pans over open flames. These cookies have a rich history, dating back to the 8th century B.C., showcasing their timelessness and delicious appeal.

Pizzelle are perfect for celebrations and enjoyed by young and old alike.

Torcetti – Sweet Twists from Piedmont

Torcetti, delightful biscuit cookies with a hard exterior and soft, fluffy interior, hail from Piedmont. Made with:

  • flour
  • icing sugar
  • baking soda
  • cream
  • eggs

These cookies are a delightful treat for any occasion. The name Torcetti comes from their unique twisted shape, adding a touch of visual interest to these delicious cookies.

Zaletti – Veneto’s Cornmeal Treat

Zaletti, delicious cornmeal cookies from the Veneto region, are seasoned with raisins and grappa, providing a distinct taste sensation. These cookies have the following characteristics:

  • They are made with cornmeal
  • They are seasoned with raisins and grappa
  • They have a long shelf life
  • They are durable and can be taken on long journeys, such as by fishermen and sailors

Zaletti can be easily found in the Veneto region of Italy, where they remain a beloved traditional treat.

I’m sharing a nice video I found recently on Zaletti cookies.

Brutti ma Buoni – Unassuming Delights

Brutti ma Buoni, which translates to “ugly but good” in Italian, are charming cookies made with egg whites, sugar, and nuts like hazelnuts and almonds. Originating in Gavirate, a small city north of Milan, these cookies may not be the prettiest, but their taste more than makes up for it.

Relish Brutti ma Buoni by themselves or as a delectable complement to your preferred dessert.

Pignoli -Sicilian Nutty Delicacies

Pignoli, delicious authentic Italian cookies made with almond paste, sugar, egg whites, and pine nuts, are a delightful treat from Southern Italy and Sicily.

The unique combination of almond paste and pine nuts creates a delicious and unique flavor profile, making Pignoli cookies a must-try for any Italian cookie enthusiast.

Krumiri – Royal Delights of Piedmont

Krumiri, buttery, ridged cookies from Piedmont, are often enjoyed alongside coffee or tea. Their name and unique shape were inspired by the mustache of King Vittorio Emanuele II , who unified Italy in 1861.

Pastry chef Domenico Rossi pioneered Krumiri cookies in 1870, and they have since become a beloved Italian treat enjoyed by many.

Mostaccioli – Naples’ Spiced Chocolate Treat

Mostaccioli, chocolate-glazed Christmas cookies from Naples, feature a delightful combination of citrus and spice flavors.

Their rich history dates back to ancient Rome. Mostaccioli cookies are a festive favorite in Italy, often enjoyed with a hot cup of cocoa or mulled wine during the holiday season.

One of the better Mostaccioli recipes on YouTube.

Ossi di Morto (Bones of the Dead)

Ossi di Morto, or “bones of the dead,” are crunchy almond cookies traditionally eaten on All Souls’ Day. These cookies, also known as Fave dei Morti, are a delicious way to remember and honor the deceased during this special Italian holiday.

With their delightful almond flavor, Ossi di Morto cookies are a unique and meaningful treat to enjoy during this time of remembrance.

Nocciolini di Chivasso – Simple Hazelnut Perfection

Nocciolini di Chivasso, delightful hazelnut cookies from Piedmont, are made with only three simple ingredients: Piedmont hazelnuts, egg whites, and sugar. Despite their simplicity, these cookies pack a flavorful punch and are a true testament to the delicious tastes of Italian baking.

Savor these chocolate chips cookies on their own or as a delightful addition to your favorite sweet treats, like sprinkle cookies.

Genetti – Sweet Symbols of Unity

Genetti, soft anise-flavored cookies, are often served at Italian weddings and celebrations. These delightful cookies are a testament to the rich tradition of Italian baking and are a favorite among those who enjoy a sweet treat with a hint of anise flavor.

Share Genetti cookies with friends and family as a symbol of love and unity during special occasions.

Holiday and Seasonal Specialties

italian holiday cakes pastry
italian holiday cakes

The holiday season presents an opportunity to indulge in festive Italian cookies that add a touch of warmth and joy to any celebration. From the dense Panforte fruitcake to the honey-covered Struffoli dough balls, there’s a delightful treat perfect for every holiday gathering and seasonal celebration.

Panforte – Siena’s Holiday Indulgence

Panforte, a thick and chewy fruitcake from Siena, is crafted with nuts, dried fruit, and spices, culminating in a genuinely decadent treat. With a history dating back to the 13th century, Panforte has been enjoyed throughout Italy for centuries and is a favorite during the holiday season.

Serve Panforte dusted with icing sugar and paired with a sweet dessert wine, fortified wine, or espresso coffee for a truly delightful dessert experience.

Panettone con Gocce di Cioccolato
Panettone con Gocce di Cioccolato

Panpepato – Ferrara’s Festive Delight

Panpepato, a spiced chocolate and nut cake from Ferrara, is traditionally enjoyed during Christmas in Italy. This scrumptious cake is made with cocoa, spices, and candied fruit, creating a delightful explosion of flavors.

Enjoy a slice of Panpepato as a festive dessert or gift it to friends and family as a delicious token of appreciation during the holiday season.

Struffoli – Honeyed Holiday Bites

Struffoli, small honey-covered dough balls from Southern Italy, are a festive treat typically enjoyed around Christmas. These delightful sweets are often served in a ring shape and adorned with powdered sugar and sprinkles for a festive presentation.

Share Struffoli with friends and family during the holiday season as a symbol of warmth and togetherness.

Giuggiulena (or Cuccidati)

Giuggiulena, or Cuccidati, are Sicilian sesame seed cookies filled with delicious figs, nuts, and chocolate. These tasty cookies are often enjoyed during the holiday season in Italy and are a true testament to the creativity and diversity of Italian baking.

Share Giuggiulena cookies with loved ones as a symbol of joy and happiness during festive celebrations.

Taralli Dolci – Easter’s Sweet Rings

Taralli Dolci, sweet ring-shaped cookies from Southern Italy, are often flavored with anise or lemon, making them a delightful treat for any occasion.

These cookies are especially popular during Easter, with their cheerful sprinkles and delightful icing layer adding a touch of sweetness to the festivities.

Enjoy Taralli Dolci as a festive treat or share them with friends and family as a symbol of love and unity.

Sospiri – Molise’s Almond Delights

Sospiri, soft almond-based cookies from the Molise region, are filled with fruit preserves or chocolate, making them a truly delightful and unique Italian cookie. These cookies are often enjoyed during special occasions and celebrations, showcasing the creativity and diversity of Italian baking.

Share Sospiri cookies with loved ones as a symbol of happiness and togetherness during festive gatherings.

or the unique flavors and textures of Sospiri, making them a versatile and enjoyable treat.

Napoli – A Neapolitan Holiday Treat

Napoli, a Neapolitan cookie made with almonds, chocolate, and candied fruit, is often enjoyed during the holiday season in Italy. This delightful cookie is a perfect blend of sweet and nutty flavors, making it a favorite among those who enjoy a festive treat.

Share Napoli cookies with friends and family to symbolize love and unity during the holiday season.

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Creative and Unique Varieties

cookies at a store display in Italy
An assortment of cookies at a store display in Milan

Uncover innovative Italian cookies, including Italian rainbow cookies that exhibit the creativity and diversity inherent in Italian baking. From the romantic Baci di Dama to the unique Tozzetti, these cookies are a testament to the imagination and skill of Italian bakers.

Baci di Dama – A Royal Romance

Baci di Dama, or Lady’s Kisses, are charming hazelnut butter cookies that ‘kiss’ with a chocolate layer. These cookies were crafted for King Vittorio Emanuele II, who desired something fresh and thrilling to savor.

Savor the romantic history behind Baci di Dama, and share these cookies with loved ones as a symbol of affection and warmth.

Baci di Dama cookies
Baci di Dama cookies

Tozzetti – Italy’s Versatile Biscotti

Tozzetti, crunchy, twice-baked cookies similar to biscotti, are often flavored with nuts, chocolate, or dried fruit, making them a delightful treat for any occasion. These cookies are a testament to the creativity and diversity of Italian baking and are perfect for enjoying alongside a hot cup of coffee or tea.

Pasticiotti – Southern Italy’s Sweet Petite

Pasticiotti, petite pastries from Southern Italy, traditionally come filled with custard or ricotta cheese. These delightful pastries showcase the ingenuity and skill of Italian bakers. They are a delicious treat for special occasions or as a sweet pick-me-up during the day.

Pasticiotti cookies

Pinolate – Liguria’s Nutty Delight

Pinolate, soft pine nut-covered cookies from Liguria, are flavored with lemon zest and vanilla, creating a truly delightful and unique flavor combination.

These cookies are a testament to the creativity and diversity of Italian baking, and their delicious taste is sure to please any sweet tooth.

Forno Bonomi – Italian Cookie Artistry

Forno Bonomi, a well-known brand recognized for their creative and unique Italian cookies, offers various delicious treats, including the popular Ladyfingers.

Delight in the inventive flavors and textures of Forno Bonomi cookies and experience the creativity and skill of Italian baking firsthand.

Forno Bonomi
I adore these Amaretti cookies by Forno Bonomi

Where to Find Authentic Italian Cookies

Finding authentic Italian cookies is easy, thanks to the various options available:

  • Specialty Food Stores and Italian Markets: These places often carry a wide range of Italian cookies, from crunchy Cantucci to soft Ricciarelli. They’re ideal for exploring different traditional flavors and finding your new favorite.
  • Online Retailers like Amazon: A convenient option for those who prefer shopping from home. Amazon and similar platforms have an extensive collection of Italian cookies, making it easy to enjoy Italy’s flavors without leaving your house.
  • Manufacturer’s Websites: Visiting the manufacturer’s website can be helpful for specific brands or types of Italian cookies. Many offer online ordering or provide a store locator to find their products nearby.
  • Local Bakeries: Some local bakeries might offer a selection of Italian cookies, especially in areas with Italian communities.
  • Gourmet Grocery Stores: High-end grocery stores sometimes carry a selection of imported Italian cookies, perfect for those seeking authentic taste.


From the crunchy Cantucci to the pine-nut elegance of Pignoli, these treats are more than just sweets; they are a journey through Italy’s culinary artistry.

Whether you find them in local markets, online, or specialty stores, each bite promises a delicious embrace of Italian tradition.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the must-try Italian cookies if I’m exploring their traditional sweets?

You should definitely try Cantucci, Amaretti, Ricciarelli, Pignoli, and Baci di Dama. Each has its unique flavor and texture.

Where’s the best place to find these Italian cookies?

I usually find a great selection at Italian markets and specialty food stores. Online platforms like Amazon also have a wide variety. And don’t forget to check local bakeries or gourmet grocery stores.

Are these cookies suitable for special occasions or just casual snacking?

They’re perfect for both! For instance, Ricciarelli and Baci di Dama bring a sophisticated touch to celebrations, while others are great for everyday enjoyment.

Will I find something for different tastes among these cookies?

Absolutely. Whether you love crunchy and nutty or soft and sweet, there’s something for everyone in the Italian cookie range.

Can I incorporate these cookies into my daily routine somehow?

Sure, many of these cookies, like Pignoli and Baci di Dama, pair wonderfully with coffee or tea. They’re great for a daily sweet treat.


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