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Chef's Nights
No other center in New York is home to so many great chefs visiting from top restaurants throughout the U.S., Canada, and Italy.

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to view bios, photos and recipes from dozens of the guest chefs we've hosted in the past.

You'll be treated to homemade bread and choice wines along with antipasti to get you started. You'll enjoy unique and entertaining discussions with prominent chefs, including behind-the-scenes stories from the restaurant world, followed by a demonstration of how to make several of the dishes featured during the evening.

Then, the best part comes: a dinner featuring the dishes of the evening--just as you've seen them cooked only moments earlier! Each dish is served with a selection of top Italian wines, followed by dessert wines and digestivi.

Everyone brings home a menu with the chef's bio and recipes, so you don't have to take notes!

Check out our calendar for the next Chef's Night.

Cost: $110+tax

  • 10% discount on any event you reserve by calling us at
    212-725-864 ex 15 or 24, until 2 weeks before the scheduled date!!
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