The Italian Culinary Center

About the Italian Culinary Center

The mission of the Italian Culinary Center (ICC) is to promote the Italian culture and tradition through the Italian cuisine.

Italian Culinary Institute - Kitchen

The Center’s activity takes place on a national level, through its many clubs, as well as a local level, with particular interest to New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, through various classes designed for middle school to college-age students, business operators and those who are passionate about Italian culture and cuisine.

ICC is supported by nationally recognized sponsors who provide wine, mineral water, liquors, pasta, meats and tools: these sponsors are Italian and American advertisers, importers and manufacturers.

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The Center is promoted by our Magazines: The Magazine of La Cucina Italiana and Italian Cooking & Living, Website:

The Center has the use of a complete state-of-the-art kitchen for demonstrations and is enriched by two wine coolers and an audiovisual system. The facilities consist of tables and chairs for 38 people and 4 “equipped carts” for 20 students.

Launched in 2000 to support the promotion of our magazines, the Center represents the ideal supplement for a school, restaurant or caterer that already has a specific structure. For a magazine or book editor it is an additional activity that needs added structure and management.

Originally created as a reflection of our magazines, the Center offers visitors an introduction to Italian culinary culture through a myriad of flavorful, authentic Italian products. Relax and immerse yourself in the music of the Italian language while you savor the aromatic mix of such flavorful ingredients as wine, cheese, olive oil, bread, herbs, pasta, rice, sauces, prosciutto and grappa. As you pass through the centuries of history and distant origins, acquaint yourself with the traditions of these Italian classics handed down from generation to generation.

All classes are held at the Italian Culinary Center, just steps from the Empire State Building at 302 Fifth Avenue, 9th floor. Open five days a week, Monday through Friday, the Center offers classes, lessons and banquets for our readers, students, consumers and professionals. We are happy to announce that with the re-opening of the center we will be expanding our schedule of daytime events to complement our evening offerings.

Come wine and dine with us at the Italian Culinary Center—your gastronomic pleasure awaits.

For more information, to sign up for classes or to receive a copy of the Italian Culinary Center newsletter by mail, please email [email protected] or call (212) 725-8764 ext. 15.

Activities and Events at the Italian Culinary Center

Corporate & Private Events Host your corporate event or private party at the Italian Culinary Center
Hands-on Cooking Classes When we say hands-on,  
we mean it!
Chef's Nights Meet celebrity chefs  
as they cook for you
Piccoli Amici Special hands-on cooking classes
and special events for kids
Historic Banquets Feast like a Roman or sit at a Medici banquet and learn about historic cuisines

Reservation & Cancellation Policy
All events are held at Italian Culinary Center. Business attire preferred (except hands-on classes).

Prepaid reservations are required for all events.

Reservations are accepted Monday through Friday between 9 A.M. and 5 P.M or on the website.

Reservations left on voice mail are not valid unless confirmed.

Cancellation policy: A minimum of 48 hours is required to recover credit for another class. No refunds; only credit will be issued. No refunds for cancellations made within 24 hours or for no-shows. Cancellations left on voice mail will not be honored.

The Italian Culinary Center Reservations: 212.725.8764 ext.15 or 24