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Learn more about the guest chefs who have visited the Italian Culinary Center and get exclusive recipes from each of them! Check our Calendar to find out which chefs will be visiting the Center during the upcoming months.

Marcus Samuelsson
Aquavit, NYC
Carmen Santos
Alfama, NYC
Pino Savarino
Saverino, Denver, CO
Michael Scheiman
Blake's, NYC
Sal J. Scognamillo
Patsy's, NYC
Vincent Scotto
Scopa, NYC
Jason Severs
Bari, Memphis,TN
Giovanni Sias
Cinque Terre, Jolly Hotel, NYC
Patrizio Siddu
Pepolino, NYC
 John Sineno
Author, Firefighter's Cookbook
Chris Singlemann
Watermill Inn, NY
Raffaele Solinas Shelly’s, NYC
Charlie Statelman
Patois, Brooklyn, NY 
Silverio Stefanini
Verderame, NYC
Maryann Terillo
Jarnac, NYC 
Joseph Tomasino
Piccolo Restaurant, NYC
 Fabrizio Turci
Barclay Hotel, NYC
 Mark Vetri Vetri's, Philadelphia, PA
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