Italian boy names with meanings

314 Italian Boy Names with Meanings, Practically Categorized

This article presents a curated collection of beautiful Italian boy names, each with its unique meaning. We wanted to make it as helpful as possible.

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Italian boy names with meanings

Italian Male Names with Meanings

Traditional / Classic

These names are reminiscent of old-school Italy, evoking classic and vintage sentiments:

  • Alessandro: A traditional name meaning “Defender of the people,” drawing from ancient lineages.
  • Antonio: An age-old choice, it means “Beyond praise” or “highly praiseworthy.”
  • Alberto: Derived from Germanic roots, meaning “Noble and bright.”
  • Benedetto: An old-school name translating to “Blessed.”
  • Carlo: With ties to royalty, meaning “Free man.” A nod to Charles the Great.
  • Dante: A vintage name meaning “Enduring” or “steadfast.” Immortalized by the renowned poet Dante Alighieri.
  • Domenico: Rooted in religious tradition, meaning “Of the Lord” or “born on a Sunday.”
  • Enrico: Home ruler, a strong and classic choice.
  • Fabrizio: Drawing from artisan roots, meaning “Craftsman.”
  • Giacomo: A traditional alternative to James, meaning “Supplanter” or “one who replaces.”
  • Giovanni: Time-honored and means “God is gracious.”
  • Giuseppe: An evergreen choice in Italy, meaning “God will increase.”
  • Lorenzo: From Laurentum, a historic region in ancient Italy.
  • Luca: A luminescent name, meaning “Bringer of light.”
  • Marco: Warlike, inspired by Mars, the god of war.
  • Matteo: A vintage name meaning “Gift of God.”
  • Nicola: A classic, meaning “People’s victory.”
  • Orlando: Resonating with tales of valor, meaning “Famous throughout the land.”
  • Pasquale: Rooted in religious and cultural traditions, related to “Easter.”
  • Pietro: A solid choice, meaning “Rock” or “stone.”
  • Riccardo: Echoing leadership qualities, meaning “Brave ruler.”
  • Roberto: An age-old name meaning “Bright or shining fame.”
  • Salvatore: Religious in essence, translating to “Savior.”
  • Sergio: With servant roots, it means “Servant.”
  • Stefano: A regal choice, meaning “Crown” or “garland.”
  • Tommaso: Twins have been a fascination through ages; this name means “Twin.”
  • Umberto: Conjuring images of majestic wilderness, it means “Bright bear.”
  • Vincenzo: A classic name symbolizing victory, meaning “Conqueror.
  • Michele: Rooted in biblical origins, asking “Who is like God?”
  • Leonardo: A brave choice, meaning “Brave lion.”
  • Raffaele: Spiritual and traditional, indicating “God has healed.”
  • Massimo: Representing grandeur, it means “The greatest.”
  • Guido: Evoking a sense of guidance or a forest path, it means “Forest” or “guide.”
  • Emiliano: Reminiscent of age-old rivalries, it means “Rival.”
  • Ferdinando: Conjuring images of peaceful warriors, it means “Brave yet peaceful.”
  • Francesco: Celebrating freedom through the ages, it means “Free man.”

Uncommon, Unique and Rare Names

These names, though unique and infrequently encountered in Italy, possess a charm and authenticity that sets them apart in any crowd:

  • Adone: An unusual name that means “Lord” or “my lord.”
  • Bello: Rarely used as a first name, it translates to “Beautiful.”
  • Calvino: A unique moniker derived from “calvo” meaning “Bald.”
  • Draco: An uncommon choice in Italy, meaning “Dragon.”
  • Elmo: Conjuring maritime imaginations, it translates to “Helmet” or is associated with St. Erasmus, the patron saint of sailors.
  • Fiorello: A beautiful and unusual name meaning “Little flower.”
  • Giordano: While it means “Flowing down,” it’s rare as a first name.
  • Hermo: An uncommon variant of Ermo, with no direct translation but has roots in Hermes.
  • Ippolito: Unique and meaning “Unharnessed” or “free horse.”
  • Jago: A rare Italian variant of James, meaning “Supplanter.”
  • Kapri: Evoking the beauty of the Isle of Capri but is a unique choice for a boy.
  • Lazzaro: While it translates to “God has helped,” it remains an uncommon name choice.
  • Miro: Meaning “Peace” and “World,” it’s a rare blend of simplicity and significance.
  • Nerio: An unusual name related to the Roman sea god, meaning “Water.”
  • Orfeo: Drawing from myths, it translates to “Darkness” and is associated with the tale of Orpheus and Eurydice.
  • Pio: While it signifies “Pious,” it’s an uncommon choice in contemporary Italy.
  • Quirino: Rooted in Roman history, it’s a rare name meaning “Spear.”
  • Remo: Evoking legendary tales, it’s related to Romulus and Remus but remains unusual.
  • Santo: Meaning “Saint,” it’s unique as a first name.
  • Taddeo: A rare version of Thaddeus, meaning “Heart” or “courageous.”
  • Ugo: Unique and concise, it means “Mind” or “spirit.”
  • Vero: Rarely used, it translates to “True.”
  • Zeno: An uncommon name, it means “Gift of Zeus.”
  • Alfeo: Inspired by rivers, it translates to “White.
  • Biagio: Unique and means “Stutterer,” referencing St. Blaise’s protection against ailments of the throat.
  • Celio: Rarely found in modern times, it’s rooted in the Latin “Caelius” meaning “Heaven.”
  • Duilio: An uncommon name paying homage to warships, meaning “Warship.”
  • Ettore: Unique in its essence, it translates to “Loyal” or “steadfast.”
  • Fulvio: Evoking autumnal shades, it means “Yellow” or “Tawny.”
  • Gero: A rare choice, meaning “Spear” or “holy spear.”
  • Ido: Uncommon and means “Labor” or “work.”
  • Jorio: A unique name with no direct Italian translation but can be seen as a variant of George, meaning “Farmer.”
A group of italian boys

Modern, Cool and Fancy Names

Here are some modern, stylish Italian boy names:

  • Alessio: A cool and contemporary variation of Alessandro, meaning “Defender.”
  • Brando: Modern and fancy, reminiscent of the iconic actor Marlon Brando, means “Sword” or “firebrand.”
  • Ciro: A sleek, modern choice meaning “Sun.”
  • Daniele: A stylish and updated version of the classic Daniel, meaning “God is my judge.”
  • Elia: Modern and concise, a variant of Elijah, meaning “My God is Yahweh.”
  • Fabrizio: A fancy and contemporary moniker, meaning “Craftsman.”
  • Gianluca: A cool blend of Gian and Luca, translating to “God is gracious” and “light.”
  • Halo: Inspired by the contemporary notion of a “halo” or “aura,” it’s a modern and rare name in Italy.
  • Ivano: A stylish twist on Ivan, meaning “God is gracious.”
  • Jordi: A modern and cool name, influenced by the global trend and related to George, meaning “Farmer.”
  • Kai: Contemporary and brief, it has various origins, and in Italian, it’s viewed as a modern moniker.
  • Lorenzo: Trendy yet rooted, meaning “From Laurentum” (related to laurels).
  • Mattia: A contemporary and chic variation of Matthew, meaning “Gift of God.”
  • Nico: A cool, abbreviated form of Nicolo or Nicola, meaning “People’s victory.”
  • Orlando: Modern and fancy, evoking chivalry and meaning “Famous land.”
  • Pietro: A stylish rendition of the classic Peter, meaning “Rock.”
  • Quinto: Modern yet rooted, it translates to “Fifth.”
  • Rico: A cool, contemporary choice, derived from Enrico, meaning “Home ruler.”
  • Stefano: A modern and chic version of Stephen, meaning “Crown” or “garland.”
  • Tiziano: A trendy and artistic name, inspired by the famous painter Titian.
  • Umberto: Contemporary with a nod to tradition, meaning “Bright or famous warrior.”
  • Valerio: Stylish and modern, it translates to “Strong” or “valiant.”
  • Waldo: Although not traditionally Italian, its use in modern times gives it a cool and fancy vibe, meaning “Ruler.”
  • Xante: A contemporary and rare name with no specific Italian meaning, but has a stylish ring to it.

Short, Sweet and Memorable Names

The following names are not only catchy but also rich in meaning and history, making them perfect for those seeking names that are both concise and significant:

  • Gio – A short form of Giovanni, it’s a snappy and modern-sounding name, evoking youth and energy.
  • Luca – Derived from the Latin word “lux” meaning “light,” it’s a bright and cheerful name.
  • Nino – A tender diminutive, often used affectionately, deriving from names like Antonino.
  • Rico – This zesty name is often a short form of Enrico, akin to “rich” or “powerful.”
  • Leo – Meaning “lion,” it’s a strong and noble name compacted into just three letters.
  • Teo – Often a diminutive of Matteo, it’s chic and modern.
  • Gino – A diminutive form of names ending in “-gino” like Ambrogino, it’s friendly and charismatic.
  • Aldo – This vintage name means “old” or “noble,” exuding a classic charm.
  • Franco – Meaning “Frank” or “Frenchman,” it’s straightforward and bold.
  • Bruno – With roots meaning “brown,” it’s a grounded and robust name.
  • Pino – A name derived from Giuseppe, it’s vibrant and full of personality.
  • Vito – Signifying “life,” it’s a lively and spirited name.
  • Dino – A diminutive of names like Bernardino, it has a retro charm.
  • Reno – An energetic name often linked with “ruler” or “advice.”
  • Tino – Often a diminutive of names like Agostino, it’s warm and inviting.

Strong, Tough, Powerful Names

The names below exude a sense of fortitude, power, and unwavering strength, apt for those who wish their sons to have names with impactful meanings:

  • Aldo: A name signifying “old and wise”, emphasizing a seasoned kind of strength.
  • Bellino: Evoking power through beauty, it means “Handsome” or “Good-looking.”
  • Corrado: A tough and resilient name, meaning “Bold” or “Wise counselor.”
  • Drago: A forceful name, it translates to “Dragon,” symbolizing strength.
  • Elio: An ancient yet strong name, representing the “Sun” and its power.
  • Fiero: A name that screams toughness, meaning “Proud.”
  • Grigorio: Derived from Gregory, signifying a “Watchful” or “Alert” strength.
  • Hercule: Drawing from the mythology of Hercules, the epitome of strength.
  • Isacco: The Italian form of Isaac, meaning “He will laugh,” suggesting resilient joy.
  • Jago: A variation of Iago or Jacob, symbolizing the “Supplanter” or one who takes over through power.
  • Leone: A powerful name representing the “Lion,” the king of the jungle.
  • Massimo: As the name suggests, it means “Greatest,” emphasizing supreme power.
  • Nerio: Signifying “Strong” or “Sturdy.”
  • Osvaldo: Implying divine power, it translates to “God’s power.”
  • Primo: Signifying the “First,” hence primary or most important.
  • Quirino: A name suggesting the power of a spear, derived from the Roman god of war, Quirinus.
  • Rinaldo: A powerful name that means “Wise ruler.”
  • Sergio: Drawing from the Latin ‘Sergius’, it suggests a “Servant” or “Attendant”, a strength in humility.
  • Taddeo: A strong name representing “Courageous heart.”
  • Ugo: The Italian form of Hugh, meaning “Mind, Spirit” – indicating an inner strength.
  • Vittorio: Evoking victory, it means “Conqueror” or “Winner.”
  • Zeno: A name symbolizing the strength of Jupiter, meaning “Sky” or “Shine.”
  • Beniamino: Italian form of Benjamin, meaning “Son of the right hand” – a symbol of power and favor.
  • Emiliano: Representing a challenger, meaning “Rival.”
  • Fortunato: Signifying one who is “Fortunate” and blessed with good luck and power.
  • Romolo: A name with historical strength, tied to Romulus, one of Rome’s legendary founders.
  • Silvio: Meaning “Wood,” suggesting an unwavering and sturdy nature.
  • Teodoro: Representing the strength of divinity, it means “Gift of God.”
Three italian boys overlooking italian town

Royal and Aristocratic

The following names resonate with a sense of nobility, prestige, and royal aura befitting individuals of high stature:

  • Alessandro: This royal name means “Defender of the people,” a name fitting for a king.
  • Lorenzo: Signifying “Laurel,” it has connotations of victory and honor, typically given to victors in ancient times.
  • Riccardo: The Italian form of Richard, it means “Brave ruler,” hinting at a noble leadership.
  • Giovanni: A gracious name, translating to “God is gracious,” fitting for divine rulership.
  • Vincenzo: A name signifying “Conqueror,” reflecting a monarch’s dominion.
  • Roberto: Meaning “Bright fame,” a name befitting of a prominent figure in nobility.
  • Luca: A name meaning “Light,” representing the enlightenment a good leader brings.
  • Domenico: Meaning “Belonging to the Lord,” signifying divine rulership.
  • Carlo: The Italian version of Charles, it means “Free man,” often linked with nobility.
  • Filippo: Translating to “Friend of horses,” a nod to the nobility’s historic association with horseback riding.
  • Baldassare: The Italian version of Balthazar, one of the three wise men, means “Protect the king.”
  • Federico: Meaning “Peaceful ruler,” suggesting a just and serene leadership.
  • Orlando: Renowned as a “Famous land,” pointing to territories of nobility.
  • Giorgio: Meaning “Farmer,” it signifies one who oversees vast lands, a nod to feudal lords.
  • Renato: Translating to “Reborn,” a name suggesting rebirth and renewal in a dynasty.
  • Edoardo: The Italian form of Edward, it means “Wealthy guardian,” befitting for a noble protector.
  • Giulio: Meaning “Youthful,” suggesting the fresh vitality of a prince.
  • Leonardo: A regal name, it translates to “Bold as a lion,” apt for a fearless leader.
  • Elmo: Meaning “Helmet” or “Protection,” it signifies the protector of the realm.
  • Marco: Relating to Mars, the Roman god of war, and a name symbolizing a warrior king.
  • Niccolo: Meaning “Victory of the people,” indicating a leader who wins for his subjects.
  • Stefano: Crowned or “The crowned one,” directly alluding to royalty.
  • Valentino: Signifying “Strength” or “Valor,” traits admired in royalty.
  • Tommaso: Meaning “Twin,” suggesting the duality of a ruler – both compassionate and firm.
  • Dante: Enduring and steadfast, it means “Steadfast,” ideal for a stable rule.
  • Guglielmo: The Italian form of William, it means “Resolute protector,” reflecting a monarch’s protective role.
  • Emmanuele: Meaning “God is with us,” it signifies divine favor and rulership.
  • Rodolfo: This regal name means “Famous wolf,” reflecting the cunning and leadership of a noble leader.

Warrior and Fighter-Inspired Names

We researched names that exude the might, courage, and valor befitting of a warrior, symbolizing not just physical prowess but also the mental resilience and strategic acumen essential for victory in battle (called life!).

  • Valerio: Derived from the Latin word ‘valere’, which means “To be strong”. This name carries with it the spirit of valor and bravery.
  • Sergio: A name with roots in ‘servare’ meaning “to protect”, an ideal attribute of a warrior.
  • Massimo: Translating to “The greatest”, this name conveys superiority and dominance on the battlefield.
  • Leone: Meaning “Lion”, this name represents the courage and majesty of the king of the jungle.
  • Marcello: Stemming from the god of war, Mars, this name means “Young warrior”.
  • Orso: Meaning “Bear”, it represents the strength and power of a bear in battle.
  • Bellino: Derived from ‘bellus’ meaning “War”, a direct nod to the spirit of a warrior.
  • Fortunato: Meaning “Fortunate”, but also carrying connotations of strength, derived from ‘fortis’, meaning strong.
  • Armando: Derived from the Germanic element ‘heri’ meaning “Army” combined with ‘mand’ meaning “Man”. It signifies a man who is part of the army or a warrior.
  • Corrado: Meaning “Brave” or “Bold”, characteristics central to any warrior.
  • Costanzo: Represents “Constancy” or “Steadfastness”, traits essential in battle.
  • Ezzelin: An old and unique name, suggesting “Noble” or “King”. In many cultures, nobility were also considered warriors.
  • Geronimo: Derived from ‘ger’ meaning “Spear”, a weapon synonymous with warriors.
  • Lando: An abbreviation of names like “Orlando” or “Rolando”, which signify “Famous land”, but in this context can be seen as a land conquered by a warrior.
  • Nardo: Meaning “Brave as a bear”, this name combines the symbolism of bravery with the might of a bear.
  • Tristano: Deriving from Latin “Tristis”, meaning “Sad”, it’s the name of a knight in Arthurian legend, emphasizing a warrior’s often solemn duty.
  • Ugo: Meaning “Mind, Spirit”, it reflects the inner strength and resilience of a warrior.
  • Vittorio: Derived from ‘victor’, which means “Conqueror”, an epitome of what a warrior aims to become.

Celestian Boy Names

We also researched Italian male names that reflect the beauty, vastness, and enigma of the cosmos, evoking a sense of wonder and mystery in the universe’s grand design:

  • Stellario: This majestic name is derived from the word ‘stella’, meaning “Star”.
  • Lunardo: Drawing from the word ‘luna’, it means “Moon”.
  • Celestino: Rooted in the Latin ‘caelestis’, this name means “Heavenly” or “Of the skies”.
  • Astrale: A unique name, directly translating to “Celestial” or “Star-like”.
  • Cosimo: Originating from ‘kosmos’ in Greek, it means “Order”, “Beauty”, and by extension, “Universe”.
  • Sidero: From the Italian word for “Iron”, it’s also reminiscent of ‘sideral’, relating to stars.
  • Elio: This represents “Sun” in Italian, an homage to the most central celestial body in our solar system.
  • Orion: Borrowed from Greek mythology, Orion is a prominent constellation, representing a mighty hunter.
  • Danilo: While it means “God is my judge”, it’s also reminiscent of ‘dani’ – a poetic reference to stars.
  • Galileo: Named after the famous astronomer Galileo Galilei, it carries a celestial significance due to his contributions to astronomy.
  • Leonardo: Meaning “Brave lion”, lions are often associated with constellations and the night sky (like Leo).
  • Sereno: Translating to “Calm” or “Serene”, it captures the tranquility of a clear, starlit night.
  • Cielo: Meaning “Sky” in Italian, it’s all-encompassing of celestial bodies.
  • Argento: Meaning “Silver”, it captures the shimmering quality of stars.
  • Raffaello: While it means “God has healed”, Raphael is also an archangel, giving it a celestial connotation.

Joy or Happiness-Inspired Names

Here’s the list of Italian names for a boy imbued with positivity, reflecting the warmth, light, and vitality of joyous emotions:

  • Allegrino: Derived from the word ‘allegro’, this name radiates the essence of “Joyful” or “Cheerful”.
  • Giocondo: A name exuding joy, it means “Jovial” or “Merry”.
  • Felicino: Stemming from ‘felice’, it beautifully signifies “Happy” or “Fortunate”.
  • Gaudenzio: A radiant name, it stands for “Joyful” or “Rejoicing”.
  • Letizio: This name is derived from ‘letizia’, signifying “Joy” or “Gladness”.
  • Riso: A delightful name meaning “Laughter” or “Smile”.
  • Vittorioso: Emanating positivity, this name means “Victorious”, a form of ultimate joy.
  • Benedetto: Meaning “Blessed”, it embodies a deep sense of joy and gratitude.
  • Lieto: Signifying “Glad” or “Joyful”, it carries a sense of buoyant spirit.
  • Prospero: This name stands for “Fortunate” or “Prosperous”, linking prosperity with happiness.
  • Gioele: A unique name meaning “Jehovah is God”, its etymology is associated with joyful worship.
  • Hilario: Borrowed from Latin, it’s a name that means “Cheerful” or “Joyful”.
  • Sorrino: A derivative of ‘sorriso’, it signifies “Little Smile”.
  • Gioioso: Directly translating to “Joyous”, it captures the essence of elation.
  • Ridente: A vibrant name that means “Smiling” or “Laughing”.

Italian-American Boy Names

Here’s a list of names that embody the Italian-American experience:

  • Tony (Anthony): A classic Italian-American name, it represents invaluable worth or pricelessness. The name “Anthony” has Roman origins but “Tony” is the affectionate diminutive widely used among Italian-Americans.
  • Frankie (Francis): Francis means ‘free man’, but “Frankie” is a familiar form especially among Italian-American communities.
  • Vinny (Vincent): Meaning ‘conqueror’, Vincent has deep roots in Italy, but “Vinny” showcases the American touch.
  • Joey (Joseph): Joseph stands for ‘he will add’. “Joey”, the friendly American short form, is deeply embedded in the Italian-American community.
  • Sal (Salvatore): Salvatore means ‘savior’. Sal, the diminutive, has a very neighborhood-friendly vibe, resonating well among Italian-Americans.
  • Rico (Enrico): Enrico is the Italian form of Henry, meaning ‘home ruler’. “Rico”, however, has a more modern and cool touch.
  • Johnny (Giovanni): Giovanni translates to ‘God is gracious’. “Johnny” is the Americanized version, familiar in both communities.
  • Mikey (Michael): Michael signifies ‘who is like God’. “Mikey” is a more casual and affectionate form, popular among Italian-Americans.
  • Nicky (Nicola/Nicholas): Meaning ‘victory of the people’, Nicholas or its Italian counterpart Nicola is often shortened to the friendly “Nicky”.
  • Danny (Dante): While Dante is an old Italian name meaning ‘enduring’, “Danny” has become its affectionate American counterpart.
  • Robby (Roberto): Roberto translates to ‘bright fame’. The shortened “Robby” offers a more approachable feel.
  • Marty (Martino): Martino means ‘warlike’, and “Marty” is the familiar American form.
  • Eddie (Edoardo): The Italian form of Edward meaning ‘wealthy guardian’. “Eddie” brings an American familiarity.
  • Rudy (Rudolpho): Rudolpho translates to ‘famous wolf’, and Rudy is its friendly counterpart in Italian-American circles.
  • Andy (Andrea): Andrea, surprisingly, is a male name in Italy and means ‘manly’. “Andy” is its laid-back American version.
  • Garry (Geraldo): Geraldo stands for ‘spear rule’. The name has an Italian charm, while “Garry” resonates more with American culture.
  • Larry (Lorenzo): Lorenzo means ‘from Laurentum’. “Larry”, however, is a casual, friendly moniker in the U.S.
  • Teddy (Teodoro): Teodoro translates to ‘gift of God’, and “Teddy” is its cute, American form.
  • Stevie (Stefano): Stefano means ‘crown’. Its familiar version, “Stevie”, feels more at home in America.
  • Louie (Luigi): Luigi is the Italian form of Louis meaning ‘famous warrior’. “Louie” is the playful and endearing version popular among Italian-Americans.

Nature-Inspired Names for a Boy

Male Italian names inspired by elements of nature evoke the rich landscapes, lush flora, and diverse fauna of Italy:

  • Rocco: Derived from the word “rock”, this name signifies the strength and steadfastness of nature.
  • Silvio: Meaning ‘wood’ or ‘forest’, this name evokes the dense Italian woodlands.
  • Valentino: While it’s derived from the word “valentine” or “valiant”, it also reminds one of valleys or “valli” in Italian.
  • Leonardo: A majestic name meaning ‘brave lion’, resonating the power and grace of the animal.
  • Orlando: This name translates to ‘famous land’, emphasizing the splendor of natural landscapes.
  • Cielo: Meaning ‘sky’ in Italian, it captures the vastness and beauty of the heavens.
  • Adriano: Derived from the Adriatic Sea which borders Italy, it’s a deep and flowing name.
  • Fulvio: A name that means ‘yellow’ or ‘golden’, reminiscent of golden fields or autumn leaves.
  • Ettore: This translates to ‘steadfast’, much like the immovable mountains.
  • Alfio: Meaning ‘white’, it conjures images of snow-capped peaks or white sandy beaches.
  • Bruno: Translates to ‘brown’, capturing the essence of the earth or woods.
  • Dario: This name is reminiscent of ‘Darius’ which means ‘possessing goodness’, but it also evokes images of rivers, similar to the River Po in Italy.
  • Luca: While its primary meaning is ‘bringer of light’, it also reflects the luminosity of nature.
  • Mareno: With a similarity to ‘mare’, it hints at the sea, a significant nature element in Italy.
  • Pietro: Evoking the strength of ‘stone’ or ‘rock’.
  • Rinaldo: Meaning ‘wise power’, it can also reflect the mightiness of natural forces.
  • Taddeo: This name, meaning ‘heart’ or ‘courage’, can be likened to the heartbeat of Mother Nature.
  • Ugo: Translates to ‘mind, heart’, emphasizing the essence and spirit of nature.
  • Vento: Meaning ‘wind’ in Italian, it’s as free and untamed as nature itself.
  • Zeno: This name, meaning ‘sky’ or ‘shine’, reflects the vast expanse of the heavens and the shine of stars.

Religious and Saint-inspired Names

Italian names for a boy that derived from saints, biblical figures, or virtues:

  • Giovanni: This classic name, which means “God is gracious,” is the Italian version of John. Many saints, including John the Baptist and John the Apostle, carried this name.
  • Francesco: Named for St. Francis of Assisi, this name means “free one” or “Frenchman”. St. Francis is one of Italy’s most revered saints.
  • Antonio: Derived from the old Italian last name Antonius. St. Antonio of Padua is a well-known Italian saint, making the name a popular choice.
  • Benedetto: Meaning “blessed,” this name pays homage to St. Benedict, the founder of the Benedictine monastic order.
  • Davide: The Italian version of David, this name means “beloved.” King David is a significant biblical figure known for his wisdom and courage.
  • Matteo: This name means “gift of God” and is derived from Matthew, the apostle and gospel writer.
  • Paolo: An Italian version of Paul, this name, meaning “small,” is inspired by St. Paul the Apostle, one of the main figures of early Christianity.
  • Tommaso: Inspired by the apostle Thomas, this name means “twin.”
  • Pietro: Meaning “rock,” this name is the Italian form of Peter. St. Peter was one of Jesus’ apostles and is considered the first pope of the Catholic Church.
  • Sebastiano: Inspired by Saint Sebastian, who was a Christian martyr, the name means “venerable” or “revered.”
  • Luca: This name, meaning “from Lucania,” is inspired by the evangelist and author of the third gospel in the New Testament, Luke.
  • Gabriele: The Italian version of Gabriel, this name means “God is my strength.” Gabriel is a significant angel in both the Old and New Testaments.
  • Stefano: This name, meaning “crown,” is derived from Stephen. St. Stephen was the first Christian martyr.
  • Andrea: Meaning “manly” or “brave,” this name is derived from Andrew. St. Andrew was one of Jesus’ twelve apostles.

Names after Admirable Traits or Characteristics

Italian male names with meanings that parents hope might influence or describe their child as they grow:

  • Leone: Meaning “lion,” it suggests strength, bravery, and courage.
  • Speranza: This name means “hope.” Hope is a powerful virtue and trait many wish for their child.
  • Amadeo: Derived from the words for “God” and “love”, it means “lover of God” or “loved by God,” signifying divine love and favor.
  • Valentino: This name means “brave” or “strong.” It’s a beautiful representation of courage and resilience.
  • Savio: Meaning “wise,” it’s a name that speaks to intelligence, thoughtfulness, and discernment.
  • Umile: This means “humble.” Humility is considered an essential virtue in many cultures.
  • Costante: Signifying “constant” or “steadfast,” it speaks to loyalty and unwavering determination.
  • Beniamino: This name, meaning “son of the right hand,” implies strength, favor, and honor.
  • Dante: Though associated with the famous poet, the name can mean “enduring,” a trait of persistence and resilience.
  • Feliciano: Meaning “fortunate” or “happy,” this name represents blessings and positivity.
  • Raffaello: This name, derived from the word for “God” and “heal,” means “God has healed,” indicating restoration and divine favor.
  • Orlando: While it’s often associated with the legendary figure Roland, it can also mean “famous throughout the land,” pointing to renown and honor.
  • Ermanno: Signifying “brother,” this name embodies camaraderie, unity, and friendship.
  • Fulvio: Meaning “yellow” or “golden,” it can symbolize prosperity, wealth, and brilliance.

Names Inspired by Italian geography

Naming a baby boy this way is a great way to pay homage to one’s roots or a place that holds significance. Here are some Italian boy names inspired by Italian geography:

  • Roma – The capital city of Italy, this name pays homage to Rome’s rich history, architecture, and cultural significance.
  • Verona – A historic city in northern Italy, known for Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.”
  • Milano – Named after Milan, the fashion and business capital of Italy.
  • Trento – After Trentino, a region in Northern Italy known for its beautiful landscapes.
  • Lucca – A historic city in Tuscany known for its well-preserved walls and rich history.
  • Napoleone – Inspired by Naples (Napoli in Italian), this name ties to the vibrant southern city famed for its bay, pizza, and archaeological treasures.
  • Genova – Named after Genoa, a port city in northwest Italy known for its pivotal role in maritime trade.
  • Venezio – A nod to Venice (Venezia in Italian), the city of canals, gondolas, and romance.
  • Palermo – Named after the Sicilian city, it encapsulates the essence of the island’s diverse culture and history.
  • Bari – A coastal city on the Adriatic, known for its historic architecture and port.
  • Torino – Named after Turin, a city in northern Italy known for its refined architecture and cuisine.
  • Florenzo – A name inspired by Florence (Firenze), the Renaissance city filled with art and architectural masterpieces.
  • Sicilio – Evoking the essence of Sicily, an island with a rich tapestry of cultures due to its crossroads location.
  • Aquilano – Inspired by L’Aquila, a city in central Italy known for its medieval structures.
  • Modeno – Named after Modena, a city in Emilia-Romagna known for its balsamic vinegar, operatic heritage, and car production.

In the following section, you’ll find a table showcasing the TOP 20 most popular Italian boy names, as officially documented by the Italian Institute for Statistics.

Note: the data is specific to 2021 , and there haven’t been any updates this year. Rest assured, as soon as the Institute releases new statistics, we will promptly update the table to reflect the most recent trends.

RankItalian Boy NameHow many boys?% of total

Bottom Line

In conclusion, we have aimed to present many beautiful Italian boy names with meanings in a structured and practical categorization to aid your selection process. We hope that you liked it this way.

If you’re still in the delightful suspense of expecting either a boy or a girl, you might also be interested in our related post on Italian girl names.

Remember that this list is a work in progress and will be updated periodically to ensure we continue offering fresh and relevant suggestions. Ciao!

Also, if you’re thinking about getting a puppy, check out our collection of Italian dog names, both male and female.


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