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Top Italian Female Models: Glamour Icons of the Fashion Industry

Ever wondered who the best known Italian female models are and how they impact the fashion industry worldwide?

We get a glimpse of who they are via social media. But there’s more.

In this article, I explore influential Italian models by focusing on:

Iconic Italian Queens of the Catwalk

Elegance in every step
A symphony of fashion and movement

Italian fashion has always been synonymous with elegance and sophistication, and the Italian women gracing the catwalks have been instrumental in perpetuating this image. Their beauty, style, charisma, and influence on fashion worldwide is reminiscent of legendary actresses like Monica Vitti and Sophia Loren.

Now, let’s delve into the careers of these iconic women and explore how they’ve shaped the fashion world.

Monica Bellucci – From Fashion to Film

We couldn’t have started without talking about Monica Bellucci, no?

Monica began her career working as an Elite model and quickly became a protagonist of Dolce & Gabbana campaigns. Her distinct features and timeless charm have graced the campaigns of high-profile brands, setting her firmly in the fashion industry.

However, Bellucci’s ambitions went beyond the runway. She transitioned to the film industry, making her debut on the Italian television miniseries ‘Vita coi figli ’ in 1991.

As a Yugoslav-born Italian actress, Bellucci’s breakthrough role came in the critically acclaimed film ‘The Apartment’ in 1996, leading to international recognition with roles in ‘Malèna’ and ‘The Matrix Reloaded’. Her transition from the catwalk to the silver screen was seamless, and her work in film showcased her impressive acting talent.

Notably, she became the oldest Bond girl at 50 in ‘Spectre’ (2015), a testament to her enduring appeal and talent. Today, Bellucci remains a celebrated international actress, transcending her model roots to become an icon of Italian cinema.

My Two Cents: Away from the cameras, Monica prefers a relaxed yet refined aesthetic, favoring tailored pieces, luxurious fabrics, and understated accessories. Because she loves art and culture, you’ll occasionally find her attending exhibitions, film festivals, and cultural events.

With a private life that she guards closely, Bellucci has been romantically linked to several high-profile figures in the entertainment industry, but she remains fiercely protective of her personal life, choosing to prioritize her family and close relationships.

She has two daughters (Deva and Léonie) from her previous marriage to French actor Vincent Cassel.

– Luca

Bianca Balti – Sports Illustrated to High Fashion

Bianca Balti’s striking beauty and versatile talent have cemented her status among the most gorgeous Italian models.

She has led a prolific career, featuring in high fashion campaigns and mainstream media such as the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Her versatility is evident in her work, which ranges from high fashion to commercial projects, proving her adaptability in a dynamic industry.

Balti’s career highlights include:

  • Representing luxury brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, where she became the face of their ‘Light Blue’ fragrance since 2013
  • Working with other esteemed brands like Hermes and Christian Dior
  • Gracing the covers of internationally renowned magazines
  • Walking in the Victoria Secret’s fashion show
  • Featuring in campaigns for brands like Yamamay

Her diverse career has set her apart and solidified her status as an Italian fashion icon.

Important Tidbit: In an interview with Vogue in March 2024, Bianca talks about her discovery that she was a carrier for the BRCA1 gene, which meant she had a 50% chance of breast cancer.

She chose to undergo a double mastectomy. This, she says, was to set an example for her daughters as well as take control of her health.

She also hopes to inspire other women to learn about their BRCA status and make informed decisions. The choice has borne fruits with more women choosing to undergo screenings.

– Luca

Chiara Ferragni – Blogger to Global Fashion Influencer

Chiara Ferragni’s journey to fashion stardom shows how much digital media matters in fashion today.

In 2009, Ferragni launched her fashion blog, The Blonde Salad, which quickly garnered a large readership and set a new precedent in personal branding and fashion influence. What started as a simple blog soon evolved into a multimillion-dollar fashion empire, with Ferragni at the helm.

Capitalizing on her blogging success, Ferragni has achieved several career milestones, including:

  • Establishing her own shoe line and eponymous fashion brand
  • Being recognized as Forbes’ most powerful fashion influencer in 2017
  • Having an extensive social media influence that encompasses both fashion and social activism
  • Being included in Forbes’ ‘30 Under 30’
  • Holding board positions in notable fashion entities
  • Making an impact on visual media through documentary and reality series

These achievements highlight Ferragni’s contributions to the industry.

Her success story offers invaluable lessons for aspiring fashion influencers and models.

The New Guard: Italy’s Fresh Faces

next generation of Italian model
Unveiling the next generation of Italian allure. Beauty, grace, and sophistication all in one

As we admire the iconic queens of the catwalk, it’s important not to overlook the new generation of models making their mark in the fashion industry. In the previous post, I discussed Italian male models, but below I’ll look into the promising careers of these female rising stars, who are set to be the fashion icons of the future.

Vittoria Ceretti – Millennial Model Sensation

Vittoria Ceretti, a millennial model sensation, has quickly risen to prominence in the fashion world. Born in Brescia, near Milan, Ceretti was represented by Elite Model Management and The Society Management in New York.

Her strong grounding in the industry, coupled with her striking beauty caught the attention of prestigious brands such as Chanel, Versace, and Fendi, springboarding her career to international fame.

Ceretti’s career is marked by significant collaborations with luxury brands and features in top international magazines, including Vogue. However, her success isn’t confined to her modeling achievements.

She treasures the opportunities her modeling career offers, including the chance to travel and connect with new creative talents in fashion. Above all, Ceretti contributes to the global perceptions of Italian elegance, reinforcing the nation’s reputation in the fashion industry.

Fun Fact: At the Cannes Film Festival last May, Vittoria Ceretti and Leonardo DiCaprio met for the first time during the premiere of “Killers of the Flower Moon.” They hit it off and started dating, which quickly became the talk of celebrity gossip magazines.

Now, in 2024, rumors are flying that they might be engaged. This speculation arose when people noticed Vittoria wearing a ring on her left finger.

– Luca

Matilde Rastelli – Runway’s Rising Star

Matilde Rastelli is quickly establishing herself as one of the rising stars on the runway. With a promising future ahead, Rastelli has already walked for the illustrious Givenchy fashion house, stamping her authority in the high-fashion industry.

Her striking looks and commanding presence on the runway are placing her firmly on the fashion map.

Rastelli’s journey to success was no accident. Discovered by Riccardo Tisci, the creative director at Givenchy, after the Elite Model Look competition, she was provided with numerous high-profile modeling opportunities.

Today, Rastelli’s promising future is further cemented by her representation with internationally renowned fashion agencies. Her journey is a strong indicator of the bright future of Italian fashion and the new guard of Italian models.

Beyond the Runway: Multifaceted Talents

Italian models are more than just pretty faces on the runway; they are multifaceted talents with diverse interests and skills. Many have expanded their horizons beyond the runway, venturing into fields such as acting, filmmaking, and entrepreneurship.

I’ll now examine the Italian models who have expanded their careers beyond the runway.

Elisabetta Canalis – From Fashion to Screen

Elisabetta Canalis, recognized among the top Italian female models, has embellished her modeling career with her work in television, including starring in Virgin Territory (2007) and European Gigolo (2005).

Apart from gracing the covers of fashion magazines and walking the runways, Canalis has made a name for herself in the world of television as an Italian television personality, gaining prominence for her high-profile relationships and her contributions to the fashion industry and Italian media. As a TV personality, she has captivated audiences with her charm and style.

Her personal life has often been the subject of public interest, further increasing her visibility. Canalis’s multifaceted career and diverse talents have made her a significant personality in both the fashion industry and Italian media.

Her journey is a testament to the potential of Italian models to diversify their careers and make an impact beyond the runway.

Federica Pellegrini – Olympic Grace to Fashion Elegance

Federica Pellegrini, Olympic swimmer turned fashion icon
Federica Pellegrini, Olympic swimmer turned fashion icon

Federica Pellegrini, an Olympic swimmer, has managed to combine her love for sports with a passion for fashion. Her journey from the pool to the catwalk has made her an Italian fashion icon.

Pellegrini’s involvement in the fashion industry is an excellent example of how modeling can intersect with other fields, creating unique opportunities and narratives.

Pellegrini’s passion for fashion led to modeling engagements with swimwear brands like Arena, where her athletic and fashion careers intersect. Known for her stylish presence on and off the deck, she has transitioned to the catwalk and admitted to an obsession with shoes.

Her unique transformation from Olympic grace to fashion elegance encapsulates the diverse talents of Italian models.

Style and Substance: Italian Models as Cultural Icons

Italian models, often referred to as Italian girls, are more than just trendsetters in the fashion industry; they are cultural icons who have become symbols of beauty and elegance. Their influence extends beyond the runway, shaping societal perceptions of beauty and challenging conventional norms.

Let’s examine the cultural impact of beautiful Italian women, particularly Italian models like Isabella Rossellini and Eva Riccobono, who have become symbols of beauty and elegance.

Isabella Rossellini: Timeless Muse

Isabella Rossellini, a timeless muse and beauty symbol
Isabella Rossellini, a timeless muse and beauty symbol
Source: isabellarossellini

Isabella Rossellini, a timeless muse, has left an indelible mark on the fashion and beauty industry. Her enduring appeal during her 14-year tenure as the face of Lancôme established her as a global icon of style and elegance.

Rossellini’s relationship with Lancôme played a significant role in establishing her as a symbol of beauty and set industry standards for prestige in modeling careers.

However, Rossellini’s journey with Lancôme was not without its challenges. Her dismissal from Lancôme at age 43 due to the industry’s focus on youth, sparked public discourse and challenged contemporary cultural perceptions of beauty.

Yet, Rossellini’s return to Lancôme at age 63 symbolizes a cultural shift towards embracing beauty across different ages, highlighting the evolving standards of beauty in society.

My Two Cents: I find Isabella’s positive outlook on challenges in her life particularly inspiring and industry-defining. Talking to the New York Times about this time in her life, Isabella simply says, “I wrote books, went back to school, bought a farm, learned to be single, got rehired by Lancôme, and kept acting.

– Luca

Eva Riccobono – Model, Actress, and Cultural Ambassador

Eva Riccobono’s versatile career has seen her grace the catwalks for major fashion brands, star in Italian films, and even serve as a cultural ambassador.

She started her modeling career with a contract with Dolce & Gabbana and was featured in the Pirelli Calendar by Bruce Weber, setting the stage for her successful fashion career.

Riccobono’s influence extends beyond the runway. She has hosted the opening and closing nights of the 70th Venice International Film Festival and walked in the Fashion for Relief show at the Cannes Film Festival.

These contributions, coupled with her work in Italian films and with major fashion brands, have made her a significant cultural ambassador, reinforcing the global impact of Italian models.

Practical Advice: Following in Their Footsteps

The fashion industry is highly lucrative and it’s no surprise that many aspire to follow in the footsteps of these Italian icons. However, forging a successful career in modeling requires more than just beauty and style. It demands hard work, resilience, and an ability to navigate the complexities of the industry.

Let’s look into some practical advice for aspiring models, drawing insights from industry veterans and successful models like Chiara Ferragni.

Building Your Brand: Lessons from Chiara Ferragni

Building a personal brand in the fashion industry can feel like an overwhelming task, especially for aspiring models. However, Chiara Ferragni’s journey from fashion blogger to leading fashion influencer demonstrates that it is indeed possible to create a successful global brand. By studying Ferragni’s approach, aspiring models can gain valuable insights into building their own brands effectively.

1. Embrace Career Diversification

Chiara Ferragni’s success lies in her ability to diversify her career. Beyond traditional modeling, she ventured into fashion blogging, leveraging digital platforms to share her personal style and insights.

This diversification not only expanded her reach but also solidified her presence in the fashion industry. Aspiring models can follow suit by exploring various avenues within the fashion industry, such as social media influencing, brand collaborations, and entrepreneurial ventures.

2. Leverage Multiple Roles

Ferragni’s multifaceted career as a model, influencer, and entrepreneur contributed to the strength of her personal brand. By actively engaging in different roles, she maintained relevance and appeal across diverse audiences.

Aspiring models can learn from this approach by cultivating a versatile skill set and exploring opportunities to showcase their talents beyond traditional modeling assignments. Whether it’s collaborating with brands, launching a fashion line, or hosting events, embracing multiple roles can elevate one’s personal brand and expand career opportunities.

3. Enhance Visibility and Influence

Ferragni’s strategic use of social media platforms played a pivotal role in amplifying her personal brand. Consistent and engaging content helped her attract a loyal following (she has 29 million followers on Instagram), thereby increasing her influence within the fashion industry.

Aspiring models can harness the power of social media to enhance their visibility and connect with a broader audience. By curating compelling content, engaging with followers, and collaborating with like-minded individuals, they can establish themselves as prominent figures in the fashion world.

4. Stay Authentic and Genuine

Amidst her rise to fame, Chiara Ferragni remained authentic and true to herself. Her genuine passion for fashion and relatable personality resonated with audiences worldwide, fostering trust and loyalty.

Aspiring models should prioritize authenticity in their brand-building efforts, staying true to their unique identity and values. By sharing their authentic stories, preferences, and experiences, they can forge genuine connections with followers and differentiate themselves in a crowded industry.

Navigating the Industry: Insights from Veterans

Navigating the fashion industry can be a challenging task, especially for new models. Rejection and constant critique are part and parcel of the industry, and one must develop a thick skin to survive.

Moreover, the lifestyle that comes with a modeling career often involves long hours and frequent travel, which can be both exciting and daunting.

Veterans in the industry advise new models to:

  • Bypass modeling schools and instead attend open calls at esteemed agencies in fashion capitals like New York. This direct engagement is usually favored over submitting photos or portfolios.
  • Be persistent, as initial rejections are common. Many successful models don’t sign with an agency on their first attempt.
  • Build a broad network and cultivate industry relationships, as new opportunities often stem from these connections.

Italian models have a big say in what’s cool in fashion around the world. They strut their stuff on runways, appear in movies, and pop up on TV, showing off Italian style to everyone. Let’s see how these models make a big impact on what we wear.

1. Leading the Fashion Shows

Italian models are the stars of fashion shows, where they show off the latest styles. They walk down runways for top Italian brands (such as Dolce and Gabbana, Prada, and Gucci) and famous designers, inspiring new fashion trends with their awesome looks.

2. Showing Off Italian Style

Italian models are all about looking classy and elegant, which represents Italian fashion. They work with famous Italian brands, spreading the charm of Italian style across the globe.

Whether in Milan or on the streets of New York, their style is admired everywhere. Italian models like Bianca Balti, Mariacarla Boscono, Vittoria Ceretti, and Matilde Rastelli, have made substantial contributions to the fashion industry in this way.

3. Influencing What People Wear

Italian models don’t just walk the runway; they also appear in magazines and ads, affecting what people choose to wear. Their presence makes people want to buy Italian-inspired clothes and accessories, making Italian fashion even more popular. Models like Bianca Balti and Claudia Romani have showcased their talent in diverse locations.

4. Celebrating Everyone’s Beauty

Italian models come in all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds, which promotes acceptance and diversity in fashion. By showing different kinds of beauty, they encourage everyone to feel good about themselves and express their style freely.


From famous runway queens to up-and-coming talents, Italian female models have made a big impact on fashion worldwide. They have different careers, styles, and talents that have shaped fashion trends and how we see beauty and elegance. We get a glimpse of their lives on their social media pages and interviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the most famous Italian model?

The most famous Italian model is Bianca Balti, who is known internationally and also a main reference in the Italian modeling scene.

Why are Italian models so widely present in the fashion industry?

Italian models have significantly impacted the fashion industry by shaping global trends, promoting diversity, inclusivity, and challenging conventional beauty standards through their participation in major fashion events like Milan Fashion Week. Their influence has spread fashion trends worldwide.

What are some iconic Italian fashion brands associated with Italian female models?

Iconic Italian fashion brands often associated with Italian female models include Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Gucci, Prada, and Valentino.

How do Italian models influence global fashion trends?

Italian models influence global fashion trends by showcasing major fashion collections during Milan Fashion Week, contributing to the establishment of international fashion trends with their theatrical and dramatic presentations.


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