Italian girl names with meanings

167 Beautiful Italian Girl Names With Detailed Meanings

In this article, you’ll find a carefully curated collection of Italian girl names, each brimming with history and significance.

I’ve crafted a range of categories to make your selection journey more meaningful and intuitive.

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  • Most Popular Names (in Italy) – per official Italian Institute for Statistics data. We included this section as the last one.
  • Traditional names – they have stood the test of time and still sound relevant today.
  • Unique and uncommon – names unconventional in modern times, making them unique choices for someone seeking a distinct Italian name for a girl.
  • Royal or Aristocratic connotations – perfect for those who appreciate Italian heritage with royal or aristocratic significance.
  • Badass names – names that exude strength, determination, and resilience. They combine Italian heritage with a sense of grit and resilience.
  • Elegant and Beautiful – names are imbued with grace, charm, and timeless beauty.
  • Religious or Spiritual Names – for families wishing to honor their faith and beliefs.
  • Italian-American – names that derive from traditional Italian names but have adaptations or are influenced by popular American naming trends.
  • Names that mean Love – Italian female names with strong connotations of love, affection, and endearment in their meanings or interpretations.
  • Nature-inspired – names directly inspired by nature, along with those that are more symbolic in nature, representing elements of the natural world or natural phenomena.
  • Virtue-inspired – Italian names for females that evoke virtues. Some directly tied to virtues, others more symbolic, representing a desired quality or attribute for the bearer.
  • Joy or Happiness-inspired – names that convey joy, delight, or happiness.
  • Star or moon-inspired – including names that carry celestial or heavenly connotations.
  • Musical-inspired – names that draw from musical terms and aspects.

Why not alphabetical order?: After some discussion, we decided that it doesn’t make much sense to list all the names from A to Z, because other sites already did it well enough (e.g., here ).

Italian Female Names with Meanings

Traditional / Vintage Names

Here’s a list of traditional, old, vintage, and otherwise old-fashioned Italian female names, along with concise meanings:

  • Adelina – Derived from the word “noble,” it signifies someone who is honorable and of noble lineage.
  • Alessandra – A variation of Alexander, it represents someone who is a protector or defender of mankind.
  • Angelica – Resonating with the essence of an angel, this name symbolizes an angelic messenger or someone like an angel.
  • Antonella – An endearing form of Antonia, it indicates someone beyond praise or highly commendable.
  • Bianca – Rooted in the Italian word for white, this name signifies purity, clarity, and innocence.
  • Camilla – Of Latin origin, it represents a young ceremonial attendant and implies someone noble and free-born.
  • Caterina – An Italian variant of Katherine, it symbolizes pureness and clarity of character.
  • Chiara – Derived from the Latin “Clarus,” it signifies someone clear, bright, and luminous.
  • Cristina – An Italian form of Christina, it embodies one who follows Christ.
  • Daniela – The female counterpart of Daniel, it symbolizes one who believes that “God is my judge.”
  • Elisabetta – An Italian version of Elizabeth, suggesting that God’s promise is unbreakable and steadfast.
  • Emilia – Related to the Roman family name Aemilius, it implies ambition and industrious nature.
  • Francesca – The female form of Francesco, reflecting one who is free or from France.
  • Gabriella – An Italian form of Gabrielle, suggesting God’s unwavering strength.
  • Gemma – Directly taken from the Italian word for gem, symbolizing something or someone precious.
  • Giovanna – Italian female form of John, denoting God’s gracious gift.
  • Giulia – A variant of Julia, signifying someone youthful with soft and downy characteristics.
  • Graziella – A diminutive of Grazia, indicating someone graceful or possessing charm.
  • Isabella – A form of Elizabeth, echoing the idea of God’s unyielding promise.
  • Liliana – Deriving from the Latin word for lily, it symbolizes purity, beauty, and renewal.
  • Lucia – Coming from the Latin “lux” meaning light, it denotes illumination or one who brings light.
  • Margherita – Italian form of Margaret, signifying a daisy or pearl, representing purity and preciousness.
  • Marianna – A combination of Maria and Anna, it embodies the bitter grace of both.
  • Natalia – Rooted in the Latin “Natalis,” it signifies birth, particularly celebrating Christ’s birth or Christmas Day.
  • Orabella – A fusion of Italian words meaning “golden” and “beautiful,” symbolizing radiant beauty.
  • Raffaella – Emphasizing God’s healing powers, a name for someone perceived as a healer or protector.
  • Rosa – Directly referencing the rose flower, it’s a symbol of beauty, love, and grace.
  • Serafina – Originating from the biblical seraphs, it signifies one who is fiery, ardent, or angelic.
  • Silvia – From Latin roots, it denotes someone from the forest or woodlands.
  • Stefania – Italian female form of Stephen, signifying someone who is crowned or victorious.
  • Teresa – With uncertain origins, it’s believed to symbolize someone who reaps, referencing a harvester.
  • Valentina – Deriving from the word “valor,” it signifies someone strong, vigorous, and powerful.
  • Viviana – Coming from the Latin “vivus,” it symbolizes someone alive, lively, and full of life.
Little girls in Sicily Playing

Unique and Uncommon

  • Allegra – Meaning “joyful” or “lively,” it’s derived from the musical term that signifies a brisk tempo.
  • Beatrice – Originating from Latin, it signifies one who brings happiness or blessings.
  • Carlotta – The Italian version of Charlotte, it means “free woman” or “petite.”
  • Delfina – Meaning “dolphin,” it’s often associated with the grace and playfulness of the marine creature.
  • Elettra – Derived from the Greek mythological figure Electra, it means “shining” or “bright.”
  • Fiorenza – An older Italian name, meaning “flowering” or “blossoming,” emphasizing blooming or growth.
  • Giordana – Female form of Giordano, it means “descend” or is related to the Jordan River.
  • Ludovica – The female counterpart of Ludovico, it signifies a renowned warrior.
  • Mirella – Deriving from the name Mireille, it means “to admire” or “wonderful.”
  • Nicoletta – A diminutive form of Nicole, it signifies victory of the people.
  • Ottavia – Related to the number eight, it traditionally represents someone born eighth.
  • Priscilla – Meaning “ancient” or “venerable,” it denotes someone with wisdom or ageless beauty.
  • Quiteria – Originating from the Latin “quietus,” it signifies tranquility or peacefulness.
  • Renata – Derived from the Latin word for “born again,” it implies renewal or rebirth.
  • Sabrina – Related to the River Severn in Wales, its meaning is “boundary.”
  • Tiziana – Derived from the ancient Roman family name Titius, the exact meaning is uncertain but might relate to giants.
  • Umbriana – Named after the Italian region Umbria, it embodies the beauty and essence of the area.
  • Vittoria – Italian form of Victoria, it signifies triumph or a victorious one.
  • Zita – Often used to refer to a young girl or maiden in Tuscany, its origin might be Hungarian meaning “girl.”
  • Celestina – Derived from the Latin “caelestis,” it signifies “heavenly” or “of the skies.”

Royal or Aristocratic Connotations

  • Regina – Meaning “queen.”
  • Reina – A variant of Regina, also meaning “queen.”
  • Isabella – Historically significant name with several queens named Isabella, it means “pledged to God.”
  • Adelaide – A royal name that means “noble natured.”
  • Alessandra – The feminine form of Alessandro, meaning “defender of the people.” Reminiscent of nobility’s protective role.
  • Bianca – Named popular among royalty, meaning “white” or “fair.”
  • Carlotta – Italian version of Charlotte, a queenly name meaning “free woman.”
  • Caterina – An Italian form of Katherine, which has been a name of many queens. It means “pure.”
  • Eleonora – A name with royal connotations, meaning “shining light” or “sun ray.”
  • Federica – Feminine form of Federico, meaning “peaceful ruler.”
  • Lucrezia – A historical name tied to the noble Borgia family, meaning “profit” or “wealth.”
  • Margherita – Meaning “pearl.” Several queens across history had this name.
  • Vittoria – Italian form of Victoria, meaning “victory.” Queen Victoria is the most famed bearer of the name.
  • Ludovica – The female form of Ludovico, meaning “famous in battle,” implying nobility and strength.
  • Beatrice – Meaning “bringer of joy.” Several royals and aristocrats in history have carried this name.
  • Rachele – While it means “ewe,” this name has been borne by queens and princesses in history.
  • Valentina – Meaning “strong, vigorous.” It’s a name with both royal and saintly connotations.
  • Sofia – Meaning “wisdom.” Queen Sofia of Spain is a contemporary bearer.
  • Diana – Meaning “divine.” The name of the beloved Princess Diana.
  • Arianna – Meaning “most holy.” While not strictly royal, it has an aristocratic sound.
  • Francesca – Meaning “free one.” The name exudes an air of aristocracy.
  • Leonora – A variation of Eleonora, meaning “light.” It has a noble and royal connotation.
  • Ginevra – The Italian form of Guinevere, which means “white phantom.” Queen Guinevere was the legendary queen of King Arthur.

“badass” names

  • Valeria – Meaning “strength, valor.” Derived from the Latin “valere” (to be strong).
  • Battista – Meaning “baptist.” A name with strong religious connotations and a fierce sound.
  • Brigida – Derived from the Celtic “brigh” which means “power, strength, vigor.”
  • Romilda – Meaning “famous battle.” The element “hild” stands for “battle.”
  • Lorita – A diminutive of “Loredana,” which is believed to have origins in a title used by Venetian naval commanders.
  • Donatella – Meaning “gift.” The name resonates with giving and generosity.
  • Fortunata – Meaning “fortunate, lucky.” A name that suggests both strength and serendipity.
  • Drusilla – Meaning “strong.” A name of ancient Roman origin.
  • Leontina – Meaning “lioness.” As the lion is often seen as the king of the jungle, a lioness is its fierce counterpart.
  • Marcella – Feminine form of Marcellus, meaning “young warrior.”
  • Rosetta – Meaning “little rose.” Roses, while beautiful, have thorns and are often symbols of strength in adversity.
  • Serafina – Meaning “ardent, fiery.” Derived from the biblical seraphs, fiery angels.
  • Viliana – Meaning “strong-willed protector.”
  • Bellatrix – Meaning “female warrior.” A Latin name that has an undeniably strong sound to it.
  • Erminia – A name that means “universal, whole.” It’s derived from the ancient Germanic element “ermin” which signifies strength.
  • Imelda – Meaning “all-consuming fight.” A name that radiates combativeness and strength.
  • Natalina – A variation of Natalia, meaning “born on Christmas.” The birth of Christ carries strong connotations of renewal and resilience.
  • Venezia – The name of the resilient city of Venice, which has withstood time and tide.
  • Alba – Meaning “dawn.” Symbolizing a new day, resilience, and hope.
Girls in Sicily having fun playing games

Elegant and Beautiful

  • Alessandra – Meaning “defending men.” A beautiful and rhythmic name reminiscent of grace and nobility.
  • Bianca – Meaning “white, fair.” Evokes purity, beauty, and innocence.
  • Carlotta – Italian form of Charlotte, meaning “free woman.” It exudes sophistication and charm.
  • Elisabetta – The Italian version of Elizabeth, meaning “God is my oath.” A regal and timeless name.
  • Fiorenza – Derived from “fiore” meaning “flower.” It speaks of blooming beauty and grace.
  • Ginevra – Meaning “juniper tree.” It’s also the Italian name for Guinevere, the queen of Camelot, known for her beauty.
  • Isabella – Meaning “pledged to God.” A name synonymous with elegance due to its royal connections.
  • Luciana – Meaning “light.” It radiates brightness and grace.
  • Mirabella – Meaning “wonderful.” As the name suggests, it’s beautifully melodious.
  • Oriana – Meaning “dawn” or “golden.” The name is both luminous and graceful.
  • Renata – Meaning “reborn.” The name carries a poetic, elegant feel.
  • Silvana – Meaning “wild” in Latin, referring to woodlands. It evokes images of natural beauty and elegance.
  • Tiziana – An ancient name of possibly Etruscan origins. It exudes a timeless charm.
  • Vittoria – Meaning “victory.” An elegant name associated with success and beauty.
  • Zita – Meaning “young girl.” A simple, yet regal-sounding name.
Italian female Names

Religious or Spiritual

  • Maria – The Italian name for the Virgin Mary. Meaning “wished-for child” or “beloved.”
  • Madonna – Directly translates to “my lady” and often refers to the Virgin Mary in Catholicism.
  • Immacolata – Refers to the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary. Means “without stain.”
  • Assunta – Commemorating the Assumption of the Virgin Mary into Heaven. Meaning “assumed.”
  • Santa – Meaning “saint.” Often used in combination with the name of a particular saint (e.g., Santa Lucia).
  • Lucia – Saint Lucia of Syracuse is one of the earliest Christian martyrs. The name means “light.”
  • Chiara – Named for Saint Clare of Assisi, it means “clear, bright.”
  • Agata – Saint Agatha of Sicily was a martyr and patron saint of breast cancer patients. Meaning “good, honorable.”
  • Francesca – In honor of Saint Francis of Assisi. The feminine form means “free one.”
  • Caterina – Saint Catherine of Siena was a theologian and patron saint of Italy. The name means “pure.”
  • Antonia – Female version of Antony; there are various saints named Antony. The name means “priceless one.”
  • Seraphina – Deriving from the Seraphim, the highest rank of angels. Meaning “ardent” or “fiery.”
  • Bernadetta – A variation of Bernadette, relating to Saint Bernadette of Lourdes. The name means “brave as a bear.”
  • Cecilia – Saint Cecilia is the patron saint of musicians. The name means “blind” in Latin, symbolizing spiritual insight.
  • Rita – Referring to Saint Rita of Cascia, known for her piety. The name means “pearl.”


  • Donna – An adaptation of the Italian “donna” meaning “woman” or “lady.”
  • Gina – A short form of names ending in -gina, like “Luigina”. Meaning “queen.”
  • Lisa – A diminutive of Elisabetta, the Italian form of Elizabeth. Meaning “pledged to God.”
  • Teresa – Variant of the Italian “Teresa”. Meaning “harvester” or “reaper.”
  • Marie – A blending of the Italian “Maria” and the English “Mary”. Meaning “wished-for child” or “beloved.”
  • Nina – A diminutive form often used affectionately. Means “little girl” or can also be related to “nino” meaning “god’s favor.”
  • Angie – Short form of Angela. Meaning “angel” or “messenger.”
  • Tina – A diminutive of names like “Valentina” or “Christina.” It means “little” or can derive meanings from the full names.
  • Rosie – An affectionate form of Rosa or Rosaria. Meaning “rose.”
  • Jo – A diminutive used for names like “Joanna” or “Josephine,” often blending American and Italian sounds.
  • Vicki – Short form of Vittoria. Meaning “victory.”
  • Loretta – A diminutive of the Italian “Lora,” influenced by American naming. Meaning “laurel tree” or “sweet bay tree,” symbols of honor and victory.
  • Renee – Of French origin but popular among Italian-Americans. Meaning “reborn.”
  • Carla – Female form of Carlo. Meaning “free man” or “strong.”
  • Stella – Directly translates to “star” in Italian and has become a popular name in America.
  • Dina – A variant of the Italian “Adelina” or “Geraldina”. Meaning “noble” or “spear ruler.”
  • Rita – Shortened form of “Margarita”. Meaning “pearl.”
  • Bella – Directly translates to “beautiful” in Italian.
  • Lena – A diminutive of names like “Helena” or “Magdalena.” Meaning “torch” or “moonlight.”
  • Carmela – Derived from “carmelo” which relates to the Virgin Mary. Meaning “garden.”
  • Paula – Female form of Paolo. Meaning “small” or “humble.”
  • Diana – A name with ancient Roman origins. Meaning “heavenly” or “divine.”
  • Lucia – Derived from the Latin “lux.” Meaning “light.”
  • Silvia – Related to the Latin “silva.” Meaning “wood” or “forest.”
  • Francesca – Female form of Francesco. Meaning “free one.”
  • Sofia – Italian version of Sophia. Meaning “wisdom.”
  • Nora – Short form of “Eleonora” or “Honora”. Meaning “light” or “honor.”
  • Elena – Italian form of Helen. Meaning “torch” or “moonlight.”
  • Isabella – An Italian variant of “Isabel”. Meaning “pledged to God.”
  • Gabriella – Feminine form of “Gabriele.” Meaning “God is my strength.”
  • Anita – Diminutive of “Anna”. Meaning “grace” or “favor.”
  • Monica – Possibly derived from Latin “monere.” Meaning “advisor.”
Beautiful girl on an Italian street

Names That Mean Love

  • Amara – Derived from Latin “amārus”, meaning “bitter” but can also be interpreted in Italian as “beloved” or “to love”.
  • Carina – Means “dear” or “beloved” in Italian.
  • Amore – Direct translation of “love” in Italian.
  • Amata – Meaning “beloved” in Italian.
  • Diletta – Translates to “beloved” or “dearly loved” in Italian.
  • Erminia – Though it traces its roots to Old High German, in Italian interpretations it can be associated with “affectionate”.
  • Lida – An abbreviation of Elida or Alida, which has the essence of “loving” or “affectionate”.
  • Felice – Though more associated with “happiness”, love and joy often intertwine. In Italian, it means “happy” or “fortunate”.


  • Bosco – Meaning “forest” or “woods”.
  • Cielo – Meaning “sky”.
  • Gemma – Meaning “gem” or “precious stone”.
  • Nives – Derived from Latin, meaning “snow”.
  • Rosa – Meaning “rose”, a beautiful and classic flower.
  • Selva – Meaning “forest” or “wilderness”.
  • Terra – Meaning “earth” or “land”.
  • Vigna – Meaning “vineyard”.
  • Oria – Related to “oriole”, a type of bird.
  • Pioggia – Meaning “rain”.
  • Sera – Meaning “evening”, reminiscent of nature’s daily rhythm.
  • Sole – Meaning “sun”.
  • Tempesta – Meaning “storm”.
  • Valle – Meaning “valley”.
  • Zaffiro – Meaning “sapphire”, a precious blue gem.


  • Grazia – Meaning “grace” or “favor”, suggesting elegance and kindness.
  • Costanza – Meaning “constancy” or “steadfastness”, representing faithfulness.
  • Allegria – Meaning “joy” or “happiness”.
  • Fede – Meaning “faith”.
  • Speranza – Meaning “hope”.
  • Prudenza – Meaning “prudence” or “caution”, signifying wisdom.
  • Pazienza – Meaning “patience”.
  • Umiltà – Meaning “humility”.
  • Amore – Meaning “love”.
  • Fortuna – Meaning “fortune” or “luck”, but in a virtuous context it can suggest blessings.
  • Lealta – Meaning “loyalty”.
  • Benedetta – Derived from “benedetto”, meaning “blessed”.
  • Onesta – Meaning “honesty”.
  • Saggezza – Meaning “wisdom”.
  • Virtù – Directly translates to “virtue”.

Names Meaning Joy or Happiness

  • Letizia – Meaning “joy” or “happiness.”
  • Felicia – Derived from the word “felice,” meaning “happy” or “fortunate.”
  • Gioia – Meaning “joy.”
  • Gioiella – Meaning “little jewel,” often associated with joy or a precious entity.
  • Beatrice – Derived from the word “beatus,” meaning “blessed” or “happy.”
  • Lieta – Meaning “glad” or “joyful.”
  • Leta – Another variant meaning “joyful.”
  • Rallegra – Meaning “cheerful” or “joyful.”
  • Alaia – Meaning “joyful” or “happy.”
  • Benedetta – Though it means “blessed,” it’s often associated with joyous occasions.
  • Gaudenzia – Derived from “gaudium,” meaning “joy.”

Remember, names can carry deep cultural and familial significance, so some of these names might be chosen not just for their direct meanings but also for the broader sentiments they evoke.

Star or Moon-inspired

  • Stellina – Meaning “little star.”
  • Luna – Meaning “moon.”
  • Celestina – Derived from “celeste” which means “sky” or “heavenly.”
  • Astra – Meaning “star.”
  • Serena – Although it typically means “serene,” it has connotations with the serene beauty of the night sky.
  • Eliana – Although its roots aren’t directly celestial, in some interpretations it means “daughter of the sun.”
  • Selene/Selena – Although of Greek origin, it’s used in Italy too. Selene is the ancient Greek moon goddess.
  • Cielo – Meaning “sky.”
  • Astria – Variant of “Astra,” meaning “star.”
  • Novella – Means “new,” but can be reminiscent of “nova,” a star showing a sudden large increase in brightness.

Music-inspired names

  • Armonia – Meaning “harmony,” capturing the essence of musical balance.
  • Melodia – Directly translates to “melody.”
  • Cantara – Inspired by “cantare,” which means “to sing.”
  • Sonora – Relating to sound or a resonant sound.
  • Lirica – Translates to “lyric,” reflecting the poetic side of music.
  • Nota – Meaning “note,” a fundamental of music.
  • Sinfonia – Directly translates to “symphony,” an extended musical composition.
  • Accorda – Inspired by “accordo,” meaning “chord.”
  • Ritma – From “ritmo,” meaning “rhythm.”
  • Fonia – Relates to sound or voice.

Italy’s esteemed Institute for Statistics, popularly known as Istat, has been a reliable source for understanding the trends in baby names.

Every year, Istat diligently publishes a list showcasing the most popular names chosen by new parents in Italy (so no, not in the US)!

While these lists provide a fascinating insight into naming trends in Italy, it’s worth noting that the most recent data available is for children born in 2021.

For the ease of our readers, we’ve compiled this list below, and added the meaning to each name.

How many girls
with the name?
% of total
Sofia5,5782.86 %
Aurora4,9912.56 %
Giulia4,6162.37 %
Ginevra3,8031.95 %
Beatrice3,6471.87 %
Alice3,3921.74 %
Vittoria3,2021.64 %
Emma2,8761.48 %
Ludovica2,8131.44 %
Matilde2,6331.35 %
Giorgia2,3591.21 %
Camilla2,3431.20 %
Chiara2,3201.19 %
Anna2,2911.18 %
Bianca2,2011.13 %
Nicole2,1691.11 %
Gaia2,0881.07 %
Martina2,0691.06 %
Greta2,0521.05 %
Azzurra1,6730.86 %

Bottom Line

We hope you’ve found the perfect name for your baby girl within our extensive collection of Italian girl names. If not, know that this list is an ongoing project.

We’re committed to periodically revisiting and enriching it with more categories and names to ensure you have the most comprehensive options. Stay tuned for updates! Ciao!

PS. Not sure if it’s going to be a baby girl? Why not go through the list of Italian boy names, just in case, of course 🙂

PS.PS. Thinking about getting a furry friend? Check out our Italian dog names collection to find him or her a perfect name.


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