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Italian Olive Oil Club

Italy's Finest Extra-Virgin Olive Oils, Shipped to Your Door!

The Italian Olive Oil Club is run by the Italian Olive Oil & Specialty Food Center and is made specifically for those who appreciate the finest in imported Italian olive oils.

Our experts carefully select each oil for its unique taste and production quality.

If you wish to experience a variety of exclusive and exceptional olive oils that are not otherwise available on the U.S. market, the Italian Olive Oil Club is just right for you!

Almost all the producers we work with are still making olive oil the same way it was made thousands of years ago.

As soon as you join the Italian Olive Oil Club, you'll begin receiving olive oil from a new region of Italy each month.

Every oil we select is picked, pressed and bottled at small artisanal farms throughout the country. You'll find extraordinary craftsmanship and a delicate spectrum of flavors that's simply impossible to find anywhere else.

That's why we go to Italy and sample hundreds of olive oils so that we can bring the best ones back to you at extraordinarily reasonable rates. We guarantee each olive oil will be different and exciting, inspiring you to make new recipes and dishes. And the bottles are lovely too! In addition, with each shipment you'll receive information about that month's olive oil, its manufacturer, and the region it came from, along with suggested recipes.

Members are required to purchase at least 6 different bottles olive oil a year. Members who purchase a bottle every month for 12 months will receive an additional 10% discount on the final 6 purchases.
Members of the Italian Table Club enjoy an additional 10% discount!

If you want exclusive and exceptional Italian extra-virgin olive oils delivered straight to your door each month, sign up today! And, we are pleased to announce that shipments are NOW ALSO AVAILABLE IN CANADA.

Membership to the Italian Olive Oil Club is FREE!

Sign up now! or Give a Gift Membership

If you would prefer to fax or mail the membership form, please print and fill out the membership document.
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