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Abruzzo is known as "The Region of Parks" and is Italy's largest region of undeveloped green space, characterized by enchanting nature reserves, parks, mountains, hills, beaches and farmland. Molise, located immediately to the south of Abruzzo on the Adriatic coast, is geographically very similar. The two are often thought of as one large region, and they originally were, but Molise became officially independent in 1963.

Abruzzo's economy is based on agriculture, particularly corn and wheat. The area has a long history of raising sheep that gives rise to a lovely lamb cuisine and a number of delectable sheep's milk cheeses.

If you ever decide to travel to Abruzzo you could be invited to enjoy a panarda. What is a panarda: a local dish or drink? Wrong: the panarda is a meal in which the courses never number less than thirty! If you accept the invitation, you cannot decide to eat only 10 or 20 dishes, but must find room for all 30. If not, the host will be offended and may even stop talking to you. So make sure you have an empty stomach before accepting an invitation to one.


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