The heel of the Italian boot, Apulia, is a long, relatively level region, flanked on the north by the limestone massif of Gargano Promontory and on the west by the Neapolitan Apennines. The region has been prized throughout the centuries for its fertile plains and natural ports. Apulia was once a stop for Greeks, Normans, Germanics and Saracens, and more notably the base for the Crusaders.

Though not as popular as Campania or Sicily, Apulia has become a more common destination because of its beautiful beaches. It is surrounded by the sea on two sides, so the winters are warm and the summers are hot and dry. Farming of wheat, grapevine and olives dominates much of the landscape. Apulia's small towns are rich with historical and artistic beauties.


Places of Interest

Places of Interest