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In the 6th century, the Longobardis occupied the area and called is Longobardia, which eventually became Lombardia. Lombardy has always been a pathway for many different people to pass through the Alps which extend across the northern part of the region. Lombardy borders Switzerland to the north; Trentino-Alto Adige and Veneto to the east; Emilia-Romagno and Piedmont to the south; and Piedmont to the west.

After World War II, Milan evolved into the financial capital of Italy, but was always a major commercial center even in Roman times. Today, its population is 1.5 million. Most of Lombardy's people live in the cities with the industries and businesses, like Varese, Como, Brescia and Bergamo, because the land in Lombardy is not as fertile as that in other regions of Italy. This has allowed Lombardy to become a principle region for economic growth in Italy. However, there is still some agricultural production in the southern part of the region with the help of irrigation, so wheat, rice and vegetables are produced. The climate in Lombardy is cold in the winter and warm in the summer, with dense fogs in the spring and fall.

If you are looking for an international and cosmopolitan area with Italian charm and love of life, then Lombardy is the travel destination for you.


Places of Interest

Places of Interest