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Positano - Campania

Positano is a lovely, picturesque town, with all of the expense that goes along with quaint houses, small shops, and four-star hotels. A cliff divides the town in two, with the west side housing the beach area and the east side home to the town center. Boating and beachgoing are the main pastimes here. The bikini was invented here, and the town has drawn celebrities and artist for decades.

Aside from the beaches, the sight to see here is the Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta; inside you'll find a Byzantine "Black Madonna" built in the 13th century. Although it's extremely expensive (around $400-$800 a night), Il San Pietro di Positano is one of the most unique hotels in the world. Its rooms are carved right into the cliffs of Sorrentine Peninsula.

The gray beaches are the main attraction, and public sections are crowded while private sections are usually a bit costly, but you get an umbrella, changing rooms, and a beach chair. The Spiaggia Grande is the beach at the center of town, but many others can be reached via footpath or speedboat. If you like hiking, Positano has some exciting hikes, especially Montepertuso. This mountain is one of only three perforated mountains in the world—meaning that it has a hole through it!

The stairways are steep, so you may want to take the orange bus that circumnavigates the town. To get there, take the SITA bus from Salerno or Sorrento.

Places of Interest

Places of Interest