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Tindari - Sicily

Tindari is a cape that sits 10 kilometers east of the city of Patti on the northern coast of Sicily. If you approach Tindari from the east, it looks like a great dragon with small hills rising from the sea and a high peak, which is the dragon's head.

The Greek colony of Tyndaris was founded in 396 B.C. by Dionysius the Elder, a tyrant from Syracuse. Because of its strategic location, it was able to take control of the waters between the Aeolian Islands and Messina, but it was eventually taken over by the Carthaginians and later by the Arabs. Therefore, Tindari's ancient history is one of conquest and defeat and the modern city offers up stunning archeological remains that testify to this history.

If you climb the hills of Tindari you can see Patti Bay and the beaches stretching up to Cape Milazzo. The path to the top of Capo Tindari passes alongside the city's walls, which were built during the reign of Dionysius and later replaced with a double barrier of square stones. The Christian Sanctuary sits high on the hill in the city. It is famous for its black Madonna statue that draws visitors from afar on the Feast of the Visitation in May and the Nativity on September 8. The Greco-Roman Theater is just off the Decumanus Superiore, which is the main road in the city. It was built by the Greeks in the late 4th century and its cavea, or auditorium, faces the sea and the Aeolian Islands. In imperial times, it was the stage for gladiator fights. Now, from the last week in July to the third week in August the theater hosts the Tindari Festival, at which poetry, music, dances and plays are performed. Tindari is also a great place to stay when visiting the Aeolian Islands.


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Places of Interest