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Tindari - Sicily

The name "Trapani" comes from the Sicilian, Greek, and Roman word for "hook." It is known for beautiful sunsets and views, as well as extensive salt deposits which are ground into usable form by windmills. The town sits in the northwest corner of Sicily on a peninsula.

Trapani was dominated by the Carthaginians, then the Romans, Arabs and Normans, as well as Spanish. It was once an important port town under the Spanish, but has declined since then. The town's Easter celebrations are legendary.

Palazzo della Giudecca, built in the 16th century, is one of the town's standout structures, situated in the Jewish quarter. There are many other churches featuring baroque, Gothic, and Renaissance architecture. The Chiesa del Purgatorio stands out for its Misteri, a series of life-size wooden characters built in the 18th century and depicting the Passion. The Annunciation Sanctuary boasts medieval architecture from the fourteenth century in a Romanesque Gothic Style. Other architectural marvels include the Giudecca Palace, also called the Spedaletto and the Church of Sant'Agostino. Also check out the Pepoli Regional museum for ancient artifacts. Festivals to see include the Luglio Musicale Trapanese, July's summer music festival, as well as an annual tuna festival.

Buses leave from Palermo and Agrigento, as well as several other nearby towns. Trains are available from Marsala, Castelvetrano and Palerma. There's also a long (15-hour) bus ride from Rome. Other modes of transportation include an airport and expensive boat ferries or hydrofoils. The tourist office is an APT office on Piazza Saturno.

Places of Interest

Places of Interest