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Valle d'Aosta

The Romans originally named this region Augusta Praetoria in honor of Ottaviano Augusto. The current name of the region and its largest city was derived from that name.

Valle d'Aosta is landlocked by France to the west, Switzerland to the north and Piedmont to the east and south. The region was linked with France in 1965 through the Mont Blanc tunnel. In this smallest region in Italy, the mountains are the highest in the country. Therefore, the farming must adapt to the geographical conditions, and only potatoes, rye, apples and pears are grown.

The climate is typical of mountainous areas with very cold winters and cool summers. From October to March, it experiences heavy snowfall. Consequently, Valle d'Aosta is popular due to its ski slopes. It draws tourists year-round, so tourism is the greatest source of income for Valle d'Aosta's residents.

The majority of the people are bilingual, so brush up on your French language skills and come visit the natural beauty of Valle d'Aosta.


Places of Interest

Places of Interest