Festival name: Voghiera Garlic Festival
Date: End of July
Town: Voghiera
Province: Ferrara
Region: Emilia-Romagna
Food: Garlic
About the event: Garlic is the signature product of Voghiera, and it is celebrated with tasting sessions, original creations made of garlic and games for children.
For more info: Call the municipality of Voghiera at (+39) 0532-328056 or check out

Festival name: Festa del Sangiovese
Date: 2nd Sunday of every May
Where: main square
Town: Predappio Alta
Province: Forlì-Cesena
Region: Emilia-Romagna
Food: Bruschetta
About the event: Features craft markets, free food and wine stalls for tasting, and a gigantic bruschetta that rests on a serpentine table that snakes its way through the streets of the town. To imagine the dimensions, just begin with 200 plus pounds of bread, 210 cloves of garlic...
For more info: Forlì Tourist Office Tel. (+39) 0543-712-435

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